Tank-Side Skimmers

Tank side coalescing oil skimmers sit outside the tank and, unlike belt or disk skimmers, remove emulsified oils as well as the free floating oils. They can run continuously without overflowing, keeping the coolant moving and aerated. Over time a tank side oil skimmer will remove more oil than a belt or disk skimmer. Coolant Consultants offers three different brands of tank-side oil removal systems: Keller, PhaSep, and Zebra.

Keller TKO-6 with CLO-1 Magnetic frame Keller TKO Tramp Oil Skimmers for single sumpsKeller offers three models of the TKO Tramp Oil Skimmer which rapidly sweep out tramp oil, cleaning and aerating entire sumps.
Keller #555-05 Inlet Device Keller TKO Accessories and Replacement FiltersKeller magnetic frame, in-line bag filter, additional inlet devices, and replacement filters
PhaSep Coalescers PhaSep Coalescer Tramp Oil Removal SystemsPositive coolant flow, superior float design, and simple oil separation are key success factors of the PhaSep Coalescer Tramp Oil Removal Systems. PhaSep Coalescers are designed with all steel construction; no media to replace or dispose of!
Zebra Z17 Muscle™ Flexor™ Coalescer Zebra Z17 Muscle™ Flexor™ CoalescerThe Zebra Muscle™ Flexor™ Coalescer Z17 tramp oil separator will aerate, filter, and separate coolant from tramp oil so that your coolant lasts longer. Can be run 24 hours a day - 7 days a week without overflowing tramp oil container!
Zebra Hammerhead™ Zebra Z17 Muscle™ Flexor™ AccessoriesZebra Z17 Muscle™ Flexor™ intake attachments, drum dolly, and accessories