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Abanaki Replacement Belts, Tubes, and Parts

BMM2E-12 Abanaki 2" wide Elastomer Belt
BMM2E-12 Abanaki 2" wide Elastomer Belt
PMD-09A Abanaki Wiper Blades for for 12" Mighty Disk
BTUBE1-12 Replacement Tube for Tubetastic! Skimmer


  • AB-BMME-XX: $73.00
  • AB-BMMS-XX: $73.00
  • AB-BMMP-XX: $100.00
  • AB-BMMX-XX: $101.00
  • AB-BMM2E-XX: $103.00
  • AB-BMM2S-XX: $103.00
  • AB-BMM2P-XX: $129.00
  • AB-BMM2X-XX: $141.00
  • AB-PMD-09A: $21.00
  • AB-PMD-09B: $21.00
  • AB-BTUBE1-08: $58.00
  • AB-BTUBE1-12: $73.00
  • AB-BTUBE1-18: $78.00
  • AB-BTUBE1-24: $83.00
  • AB-M15-E: $82.00
  • AB-POC300-14A: $52.00

Abanaki Skimmer Belts

Standard Poly Belts

Reinforced to resist stretching, able to withstand reasonably high temperatures (up to 170°F), and textured to retain a small amount of oil, thus drawing more oil to itself on subsequent passes.  Used where rust inhibitors and temperature are a component of the wash water or where UV sensitivity is an issue.  Picks up some emulsified oils.

Elastomer Belts

Can handle abrasive and harsh environments.  Used where rust inhibitors are a component of the wash water.

Corrosion Resistant Steel Belts

One of our most popular oil belt skimmer materials.  Works well in most industrial applications where rust inhibitors are not a component of the wash water.

XP Poly Belts

Similar to the Standard Polymer but for higher temperature applications (up to 180°F continuous). Also used when a smoother surface is required.



Reach lengths of 6", 12", 18", and 24" available
Part No.DescriptionPrice
BMME-XXElastomer Belt, white, specify reach length$73.00
BMMS-XXCR Steel Belt, specify reach length$73.00
BMMP-XXPoly Belt, blue, specify reach length$100.00
BMMX-XXHigh-temp Poly Belt, specify reach length$101.00



Reach lengths of 6", 12", 18", and 24" available
Part No.DescriptionPrice
BMM2E-XXElastomer Belt, white, specify reach length$103.00
BMM2S-XXCR Steel Belt, specify reach length$103.00
BMM2P-XXPoly Belt, blue, specify reach length$129.00
BMM2X-XXHigh-temp Poly Belt, specify reach length$141.00
Specify reach length in comments section when ordering belts.


Abanaki Mighty Disk™ Replacement Wipers


Part No.DescriptionPrice
AB-PMD-09ASet of 2 wiper blades for 12" Mighty Disk$21.00
AB-PMD-09BSet of 2 wiper blades for 18" Mighty Disk$21.00


Abanaki TubeTastic™ Replacement Tubes


Part No.DescriptionPrice
BTUBE1-088" Replacement Tube$58.00
BTUBE1-1212" Replacement Tube$73.00
BTUBE1-1818" Replacement Tube$78.00
BTUBE1-2424" Replacement Tube$83.00


Abanaki Oil Boss® Replacement Pump

Part No.DescriptionPrice
AB-M15-EOil Boss Replacement Pump$82.00
AB-POC300-14AOil Boss Filter Kit (1-Green Block, 3-Float Foam)$52.00