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Abanaki TubeTastic!™ Tube Oil Skimmer

Abanaki TubeTastic! oil skimmer
Abanaki TubeTastic! oil skimmer
Abanaki TubeTastic! oil skimmer
Abanaki TubeTastic! oil skimmer with ODM-50 Oil Concentrator
Abanaki ODM-50 Small Oil Concentrator


  • AB-STUBE-08: $340.00
  • AB-STUBE-12: $340.00
  • AB-STUBE-18: $340.00
  • AB-STUBE-24: $340.00
  • AB-ODM-50: $82.00

Abanaki TubeTastic!™ Tube Oil Skimmer

The Abanaki TubeTastic!™ oil skimmer can be used on machining centers with little or no access to the CNC coolant sump from above.  TubeTastic! can be mounted virtually anywhere through a machine slot or at the top of a tank.  This unit can skim oil from chip conveyors or even totally enclosed machining centers!

The collector tube operates by running through the coolant where the clean tube travels into the coolant and oil laden tube travels out.  While the tube is in the coolant, oil adheres to the outside of the tube.  Then the oil is continuously scraped off and discharged into a waste oil drum.


  • Fan-cooled continuous duty motor
  • Oil pickup rate of up to 1 1/2 GPH
  • Works in places where other skimmers can't
  • Standard tube lengths - reach: 8", 12", 18" and 24" 
  • Longer lengths available
AB-STUBE-08  Tube Oil Skimmer, 8" reach tube  $340.00
AB-STUBE-12  Tube Oil Skimmer, 12" reach tube  $340.00
AB-STUBE-18  Tube Oil Skimmer, 18" reach tube  $340.00
AB-STUBE-24  Tube Oil Skimmer, 24" reach tube  $340.00
AB-ODM50-T  Small Oil Concentrator  $82.00


Abanaki Oil Concentrator  

The Abanaki Oil Concentrator performs as a virtually complete oil water separator for recycling or disposal of either liquid.  Under most operating conditions, Abanaki skimmers pick up oil with only small traces of water.  However, as surface oil is reduced to a thin layer (1/16 inch or less), more water (or coolant) may be picked up along with the oil.  When used in tandem with an oil skimmer, the Oil Concentrator solves this problem by providing final phase separation.  The result is water (or coolant) available for recycling, and virtually water-free oil for disposal. 

This Oil Water Separator is non-electrical and contains no moving parts -- it simply receives liquid directly from the skimmer.  Based on the principle of gravity separation, the Oil Concentrator tank comes in three sizes so that there is adequate dwell time for the oil and water to separate.  Water discharge is through a tube that has an open end near the bottom of the Concentrator, while oil flow is through a separate drain port near the top.  As additional liquid enters the Concentrator, water and oil are forced out through their respective disposal tubes.

Oil Concentrator Advantages

  • Small space requirements
  • No skimmer modifications needed
  • Needs no electricity, timers, sensors, or pumps
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No moving parts

Key Features of Abanaki Oil Concentrators

  • Mounts easily on all Abanaki skimmers
  • Brackets and hardware supplied by Abanaki
  • Sludge screen keeps large debris out of skimmed oil
  • Drain plug facilitates routine maintenance


Dimensions2.25" x 3.05" x 7.00"
Weight0.4 lbs.
Optional Hose KitYes
Applications Use with TubeTastic, Mighty Mini, Li'l Blue
Volumes12 oz. capacity
MaterialsCalcium carbonate filled polypropylene
Mounting MethodAll brackets and hardware supplied by Abanaki - no skimmer modifications required
OptionsDischarge hose kits for oil and water outlets
Temperature Limits 33-212°F (0.5 - 100°C)
Operating Limits: pH Range

pH of liquid 5-10


Specification Notes:

  1. Oil Concentrators are UPS shippable.
  2. Consult factory for recommendations covering operating conditions not listed above.



Link to Purchase Abanaki Replacement Parts

Part No.DescriptionPrice
BTUBE1-088" Replacement Tube$58.00
BTUBE1-1010" Replacement Tube$63.00
BTUBE1-1212" Replacement Tube$73.00
BTUBE1-1818" Replacement Tube$78.00
BTUBE1-2424" Replacement Tube$83.00
BTUBE1-3030" Replacement Tube$88.00