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Quick links to oil skimmer accessories from Abanaki, PhaSep, Keller, Skimpy, Wayne, and Zebra

BMM2E-12 Abanaki 2" wide Elastomer Belt
Abanaki Replacement Skimmer Belts and Tubes, Mighty Disk™ Wiper Blades, Oil Boss® Replacement Pump
Keller #RSM-3 Inlet Device, 3-float, large
Keller magnetic frame, additional inlet devices, and replacement filters
Total Skimmer height 20" as shown with 17" Reach Belt
Keller Black Magic Replacement Belts, oil attracting, available in three standard lengths
Keller BA-0475 In-Line Bag Filter
Keller In-Line Bag Filters remove chips and fines from cutting oil or coolant to as fine as one micron.
#6280-5863 PhaSep Vortex Tri-Ball Skimmer Attachment
PhaSep Tri-Ball Floating Skimmer Attachment with all steel construction
Skimpy Oil Traffic Controller and Universal Clamp with El Nino Skimmer
The Skimpy Oil Traffic Controller saves coolant and work. The Universal Clamp works great for mounting both the skimmer and the oil traffic controller. Replacement belts are available in two options for each skimmer model.
Wayne Adjustable Stand
Wayne Mini-Skimmer™ and MAXI-Skimmer™ Accessories include gravity oil/water separators and shelf, an adjustable stand, outlet hose extension, timer, and ground fault interrupter.
Wayne Mini-Skimmer Replacement Belts
Wayne Products has Mini-Skimmer Replacement Belts in stock!
Zebra BGST4 Diverter™ Tank
The Zebra Diverter™ reduces coolant waste and the Zebra Lockjaw™ Mounting Clamp makes installation a snap!
Zebra Skimmers Replacement Belts
Zebra Skimmers Replacement Belts include cogged and flat polyurethane belts for coolant applications, flat stainless steel and rubber/nylon replacement belts (not shown) for harsh environments.
Zebra BGST4 Diverter™ Tank
Zebra Sidewinder™ Tube Oil Skimmer replacement tubes and cartridges. Accessories include the Diverter™ oil/water separator, Lockjaw™ mounting clamp, and magnetic base.
Zebra Hammerhead™
Zebra Z17 Muscle™ Flexor™ intake attachments, drum dolly, and accessories
XBUB Zebra Oxygenators
Injecting oxygen into coolant using the Zebra XBUB Oxygenator™ aerator maximizes the coolant's performance by killing anaerobic bacteria and encouraging the good aerobic bacteria.