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Ambar Sparrowhawk 2V Belt Mop Oil Skimmer

Ambar Sparrowhawk S-2V Belt Mop Oil Skimmer
Ambar Sparrowhawk S-2V Belt Mop Oil Skimmer


  • AM-S-2V: $3,030.50
  • AM-BM-3: $20.50

The Sparrowhawk 2V is both quick and efficient when it comes to the removal of tramp oils from coolant tanks, wash water sumps, or any small area where hydrocarbons accumulate. What makes the Sparrowhawk 2V such an attractive choice for low volume hydrocarbon skimming is it's amazingly simple operation. A single, continuous loop of oil-attracting "mop" drops from the unit, travels across the surface of the contaminated area, then returns to the unit where the oil is squeezed from the mop by squeegee rollers inside. Recovered oil gravity drains from the unit through a 2" male NPT fitting at the base, which can also serve as a mounting point.

  • Designed for both vertical and horizontal recovery of floating oils
    • Attached extension chutes easily accommodate vertical skimming applications
    • Tail roller placed inside the sump provides a return point for the loop of the mop for horizontal skimming applications
  • Improved entrance chute design reduces tangling or "double wrapping"
  • Drive system and drive mount ensure smooth operation and reduced sprocket and chain wear
  • For ease of operation, the drive system is located outside of the unit
    • Maintenance can be done with minimal tools, and in most cases, without disassembling the unit
    • Keeps the recovered product and contaminated mop from interfering with the drive system
  • Order length of Belt Mop needed separately and double length needed for reach
  • S-2V Sparrowhawk Belt Mop Skimmer $3030.50
  • BM-3 Belt Mop $20.50/ft.