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ClearWater Tech Apex Series I

ClearWater Tech Apex Series I
ClearWater Tech Apex Series I


  • CT-APX100: $1,395.00
  • CT-APX115: $1,395.00

ClearWater Tech Apex Series I

The Apex I ozone generator provides superior sanitation for lighter disinfection. Easy to install, it is designed with stainless steel construction, and includes the UV2800 ultraviolet ozone generator, and venturi injector manifold.


  • UV2800 ozone generator
  • Injector manifold
  • Check valve assembly
  • Installation parts
  • Easy to install


  • 33.0" h x 8.5" w x 3.5" d, 25 lbs.


  • 1.0 grams/hour @ 60 SCFH with oxygen


APX100 - UV2800 Pool Builder Package
  • 120V 60Hz, 978 injector

APX115 - UV2800 Pool Builder Package
  • 220/240V 50/60Hz, 978 injector


ClearWater Tech products are of extremely high quality, with tight tolerances designed to last through many years of use.  However, they require annual maintenance to ensure efficient operation.

Please contact the ClearWater Tech service department at 805-546-2402, 800-262-0203, or email them at service@cwtozone.com so they can help you perform the maintenance that can extend the life of your unit.