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ClearWater Tech Mini Series Accessories

ClearWater Tech Injector Manifolds
ClearWater Tech Injector Manifolds
ClearWater Tech Check Valve Assembly
ClearWater Tech VJB157 Vacuum Break


  • CT-IM110: $246.00
  • CT-IM240: $241.50
  • CT-CKAC10: $43.50
  • CT-CKAC45: $46.50
  • CT-VJB157: $292.50
  • CT-GAG620: $213.00

ClearWater Tech Mini Series Accessories

ClearWater Tech injection manifold systems use only Mazzei injectors for maximum transfer efficiency.  The injector produces a cavitation effect, enabling the ozone gas to join the water stream in the form of extremely tiny bubbles.  These bubbles must be as small as possible in order to increase the ratio of bubble surface area to the amount of ozone entering the water.

The ozone check valves are an important component in preventing damage to the ozone generator.  ClearWater Tech valve assemblies are designed to be used in conjunction with the ozone generators to avoid back flow.

The vacuum break provides a positive atmospheric "break" between the ozone injector manifold and the ozone generator, preventing water from flowing back into the ozone generator, should the venturi check valve fail.  It is used with all ClearWater Tech corona discharge ozone systems. 

The vacuum gauge assembly provides accurate operating parameter measurements.  This gauge assembly also includes a normally open vacuum switch that connects to the external loop of the ozone generator.  When vacuum is sensed the vacuum switch closes, creating continuity through the external loop and initiating ozone production.  Similarly, when vacuum is not sensed, the vacuum switch will open interrupting ozone production. 

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Injector Manifold

Part No.DescriptionPrice
IM110Mazzei Model 684, Sch80 w/unions, 7-14 GPM, 1" Inlet/Outlet$246.00
IM240Mazzei Model 978, Sch40 PVC, 15-40 GPM, 2" Inlet/Outlet$241.50

Check Valve Assembly

Part No.DescriptionPrice
CKAC10Check Valve Assembly, 384K-784K venturi, 1/4" comp$43.50
CKAC45Check Valve Assembly, 878K-1584K venturi, 1/4" comp$46.50

Vacuum Break and Gauge Assembly

Part No.DescriptionPrice
VJB157Vacuum Break, "J" tube style for 1/4" delivery line$292.50
GAG620Gauge Assembly with Vacuum Switch (0-10) SCFH$213.00