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ClearWater Tech PR-1300 UV Ozone Generator

ClearWater Tech PR-1300 Ozone Generator
ClearWater Tech PR-1300 Ozone Generator


  • CT-PR110: $709.50
  • CT-PR230: $709.50
  • CT-DIF12: $11.25

ClearWater Tech PR-1300 UV Ozone Generator

Great unit for Coolant Sumps!  Kills offensive odors quickly and can be rotated between multiple machines.

  • Ideal for use in odor control situations and low volume bodies of water in conjunction with the diffuser
  • Built-in air compressor for pressurized ozone delivery
  • Equipped with 24-hour timer
  • Ozone Output: 0.25 grams/hour @ 20 SCFH on ambient air
  • Ships from San Luis Obispo, CA
  • NOTE:  For coolant tanks 200 gallons or less


  • PR110 - 120V/60Hz, .88 amps
  • PR230 - 220V/50Hz, .52 amps



The PR-1300 lamp has a 9,000 hour life expectancy. That's about 5 years of life, running 4 hours per day, as recommended. On
commercial installations ClearWater Tech recommends replacing the lamp every 12 to 18 months.

Part No.DescriptionPrice
LA20Lamp - PR1300 & S1200 Sealed, UV Ozone$105.00
UVC130UV Chamber - PR1300 Sealed Lamp with fittings$172.50
DIF12Replacement Difuser Stone$11.25
Call to order Replacement Parts



ClearWater Tech products are of extremely high quality, with tight tolerances designed to last through many years of use.  However, they require annual maintenance to ensure efficient operation.

Please contact the ClearWater Tech service department at 805-546-2402, 800-262-0203, or email them at service@cwtozone.com so they can help you perform the maintenance that can extend the life of your unit.