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ClearWater Tech ZAP Portable Room Air Purifier

ClearWater Tech ZAP
ClearWater Tech ZAP


  • CT-ZAP110: $523.50
  • CT-ZAP220: $523.50

ClearWater Tech ZAP Portable Room Air Purifier

The ZAP from ClearWater Tech, LLC  is a high-powered room air purifier designed to eliminate offending odors in a non-occupied space.  Designed to achieve high levels of ozone concentration within an area and is not to be used in the presence of people or animals.

The ZAP is equipped with an elapsed timer switch, which may be set for a desired time from 0-60 minutes or set to a constant ‘ON’ position.  Internal to the ZAP is a 30 CFM fan and two ultraviolet (UV) ozone lamps.  The ZAP runs on standard 110 VAC main power.  Set the timer to the ‘OFF’ position then plug the unit into main power.  It is recommended that the unit be placed in the middle of the room.  Close all windows and doorways to the room allowing for a single exit after starting the unit.  Set the timer to the desired length of time or to the ‘ON’ setting.  As soon as the timer is moved into position the internal fan and ozone will begin operation.

Once the ZAP is in operation the air flow from the 30 CFM fan will flow over the UV ozone lamps and create ozone.  The zone will be emitted at the top of the unit.  The frosted endcap at the top of the unit will illuminate by the UV light to confirm that the UV ozone is in operation.


  • Light weight
  • Timer Controlled - Constant “On” or 0-60 Minutes
  • Portable - Easy to transport
  • 30 CFM Fan


  • Eliminates common odors including, smoke, pet, mildew and cooking
  • Freshens stale air
  • Timer controlled for unoccupied operation

NOTE:  The ZAP is solely for industrial use.  Potential health hazard: emits ozone.  The ZAP can only be sold to industrial/commercial professionals.  Ships from San Luis Obispo, CA

  • ZAP110 - Zephyr Area Purifier 110V/60 Hz
  • ZAP220 - Zephyr Area Purifier 220V/50 Hz