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Dosatron Precision Water Powered Coolant Metering Pumps 14 GPM

Dosatron 14 GPM Coolant Metering Pump
Dosatron 14 GPM Coolant Metering Pump
Dilution Solutions Industrial Plumbing Kit (without mixing chamber) Sold Separately


  • D-D14MZ2VFII: $454.00
  • D-D14MZ5AFII: $939.00
  • D-D14MZ5VVFII: $1,017.00
  • D-D14MZ10AFII: $1,034.00
  • D-D14MZ10VVFII: $1,076.00
  • D-D14MZ520AFII: $1,577.00
  • D-D14MZ520VAFII: $1,598.00

Dosatron Precision Water Powered Coolant Metering Pumps 14 GPM

Dosatron chemical injectors are perfect for coolants, vibratory compounds, die lubes, detergents, cleaner, and rust inhibitors. Dosatron dispensers are simple to use and easy to adjust allowing for flexible dosage rates.


  • Can be used with hose reels, in-line, and in central mixing systems. Very accurate.
  • Dose of concentrate is proportional to the flow rate
  • Dose remains precise, constant, and regular throughout the operation
  • Wide range of liquid or soluble concentrates can be used
  • Hydraulic proportional system eliminates all risks of under or overdosing
  • No direct contact with dangerous concentrates
  • Operates continuously - just set it and leave it
  • Externally adjustable
  • Easy to use - just turn the water on!
  • Pumps below with * designation have viscous hoses
  • Most units are available in either AF (pH 7-14) or VF (pH 1-7) seals
  • All units include: mounting bracket, suction hose, weighted strainer, and operating manual
  • NOTE:  A water pre-filter is REQUIRED.  See Accessories tab below.


D14MZ2VFII0.2 to 2%1:500 to 1:504.3 to 85 psi0.05 to 14 GPM$454.00
D14MZ5AFII0.5 to 5%1:200 to 1:204.3 to 85 psi0.05 to 14 GPM$939.00
D14MZ5VVFII*0.5 to 5%1:200 to 1:204.3 to 85 psi0.05 to 14 GPM$1017.00
D14MZ10AFII1 to 10%1:100 to 1:107 to 85 psi0.05 to 14 GPM$1034.00
D14MZ10VVFII*1 to 10%1:100 to 1:107 to 85 psi0.05 to 14 GPM$1076.00
D14MZ520AFII5 to 20%1:20 to 1:57 to 57 psi0.05 to 9 GPM$1577.00
D14MZ520VAFII*5 to 20%1:20 to 1:57 to 57 psi0.05 to 9 GPM$1598.00

 *Viscous models with 5/8" id hoses; larger check valve & strainer


Note:  A water pre-filter is REQUIRED.  Industrial Plumbing Kits INCLUDE the water pre-filter along with everything necessary to install the Dosatron Water-Powered Coolant Metering Pump.  The Industrial Plumbing Kit includes the 200 mesh T-filter, PVC ball valve, brass pressure regulator & gauge, brass flow restrictor, PVC union ball check, PVC nipples, and union.

Link to Dilution Solutions Accessories PAGE


Required:  Filter

Part No.DescriptionPrice
AKF5AP11T200 Mesh/80 Micron Filter Water Filter, T-Type, 3/4"$48.36



Part No.DescriptionPrice
IPK34MC-14GPMIndustrial Plumbing Kit with mixing chamber$388.85
IPK34-14GPMIndustrial Plumbing Kit without mixing chamber$326.87
IPK34-9GPMIndustrial Plumbing Kit without mixing chamber$326.87



Part No.DescriptionPrice
CV34-PHCheck Valve$43.84
WHA34SS-KITWater Hammer Arrestor KIt, SS, controls effects of water hammer$180.00
PR34Pressure Regulator, 3/4", includes Pressure Gauge (PG100)$140.87
FR34-14GPMFlow Restrictor 3/4"$63.00
FR34-9GPMFlow Restrictor 3/4"$63.00
MC34Mixing Chamber 3/4"$76.82


Extend the life of your Pump with a Dosatron Rebuild Kit

The rebuild kits include both a piston kit and a seal kit:

  • Piston Kit: Upper flange, Lower flange, Omega spring, Connecting rod, Push rod seal
  • Seal Kit: Injection sleeve o-ring, Injection stem o-ring, Check valve assembly, Plunger seal


Dosatron Model
Part Number
D14MZ2AFII MKD14MZ2AF$109.88
D14MZ5VAFII (viscous)MKD14MZ5VAF$151.33
D14MZ5VVFII (viscous)MKD14MZ5VVF$151.33
D14MZ10VAFII (viscous)MKD14MZ10VAF$202.40
D14MZ10VVFII (viscous)MKD14MZ10VVF$202.40


Link to order Rebuild Kits