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Filtration Systems

How the PFA-1002 Works

The PFA-1002 contains a large bag filter and a high flow 1" air operated diaphragm pump, mounted on a cart. The 8-foot inlet and outlet wands, consisting of 5 feet of flexible hose and 3 feet of rigid pipe, can access all corners of the sump. With both wands inserted in the sump, the force of the filtered liquid discharge scours the bottom of the sump to suspend chips and sludge for pickup by the inlet wand. With a 20 gallon per minute recirculation rate, the PFA-1002 cleans a typical sump in minutes and then can easily be moved to another sump and set up simply by connecting a 1/4" compressed air line.

Keller PFA-1002 Portable Pump Sump-Side Pump / Filter
Portable Pump/Filter Unit cleans chips & sludge from cutting oil or coolant
Keller PFA-1002 Portable Pump Sump-Side Filter/Unit
Keller PFA-1002 Replacement Filter Bags (25 micron, 50 micron, and 100 micron)
Keller BA-0475 In-Line Bag Filter
Keller In-Line Bag Filters remove chips and fines from cutting oil or coolant to as fine as one micron.