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Hydro Systems HydroMaster™ Drum, Pail, or Wall Mount Venturi Proportional Mixers

HydroMaster™ Venturi Drum Mounted Proportional Mixer
HydroMaster™ Venturi Drum Mounted Proportional Mixer
HydroMaster™ Model H206 shown with plastic bung adapter
HydroMaster™ Model H216 shown with plastic bung adapter


  • H-206 : $140.00
  • H-208 : $143.00
  • H-216 : $159.00

High flow, automatic dilution for large tanks, totes, and drums

HydroMaster drum or wall-mounted proportioners automatically mix liquid concentrates with water and dispense the diluted solution into any container.  Any size container of concentrate can be used with the HydroMaster because there’s no need to tip the container to pour the contents.  Exposure to the concentrated product is limited only to those times when the proportioner is being moved from one concentrate container to another.

Manual mixing of concentrates with water is time consuming and imprecise — the strength of the diluted solution may be too strong one time and too weak the next.  Automatic dilution with the HydroMaster takes this variability out of the cleaning system, so the concentrated cleaning product consistently delivers maximum performance.  HydroMasters use water power, not electricity, so concentrates don’t have to be located near outlets, just within a hose’s reach of a water source.

Venturi type mixers use water passing over an orifice to create suction that draws the concentrate from the container and mixes it with the water.  Concentration on the HydroMaster is adjusted by changing the orifice size. These units cannot operate with any back pressure, so they can only be used to fill a pail or nearby container.  They cannot be used with any type of sprayer or shut-off valve on the discharge side.  Accuracy can be affected by water pressure and concentrate level.


  • Economically priced
  • High quality, chemically resistant materials
  • Wall or drum mounted
  • Water powered; non-electric
  • Works well for small shops; enhanced safety
  • Increase productivity of employees
  • Ideal for all-purpose or specialized cleaners strippers, degreasers, soluble oil and synthetic coolants, and fertilizers
  • Must have a back flow preventer installed in some areas
  • More models available
  • Model 206 - 4.8 gpm @ 40 psi, .25% to 18% mix ratios
  • Model 208 - 2.5 gpm @ 40 psi, .9% to 50% mix ratios
  • Model 216 - 9.8 gpm @ 40 psi, .1% to 16.7% mix ratios