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Hydro Systems HydroMinder™ Series Automatic Drum Mounted Venturi Coolant Mixers

HydroMinder™ Model 511
HydroMinder™ Model 511
HydroMinder™ Model 511
Hydro Systems HydroMinder™


  • H-511 : $242.00
  • H-515 : $245.00
  • H-530 : $316.00
  • H-532 : $355.00

Simple liquid level maintenance

The HydroMinder™ has become the industry standard for liquid level maintenance for over 20 years and proven successful for many applications.

HydroMinders™ keep a reservoir filled with ready-to-use solution.  When the solution level in the reservoir drops, the float opens a non-electric magnetic valve.  The flow of water siphons liquid concentrate into the water stream, automatically maintaining the level of ready-to-use solution.  When the tank reaches the preset fill level, the HydroMinder™ automatically shuts off.

Venturi mixers use water passing over an orifice to create suction that draws the concentrate from the container and mixes it with the water.  Concentration on the HydroMinders™ is adjusted by changing the orifice size. These units cannot operate with any back pressure, so they can only be used to fill a pail or nearby container. They cannot be used with any type of sprayer or shut-off valve on the discharge side.  Accuracy can be affected by water pressure and concentrate level.

Features and benefits:

  • Automatic mixing fills pails, drums, or tanks unattended
  • Water powered; no electricity required
  • Pays for itself in labor savings and eliminates overflows
  • Economical, easy to operate and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly - using concentrates reduces solid waste
  • Improved employee safety - minimizes exposure to concentrated product
  • Useful in a variety of applications
  • Ideal for all-purpose or specialized cleaners strippers, degreasers, soluble oil and synthetic coolants, and fertilizers
  • Built with high quality chemically resistant materials
  • Includes back flow preventer
  • Model 532 has 2 independent eductors which meter two concentrates at their individually required dilution ratios, or one concentrate at two different ratios
  • More models available
  • Model 511 - 4.5 GPM @ 40 PSI, .41% to 20% mix ratios
  • Model 515 - 1.5 GPM @ 40 PSI, 1% to 50% mix ratios
  • Model 530 - 9 GPM @ 40 PSI, .2% to 20% mix ratios
  • Model 532 - 2 @ 6 GPM @ 40 PSI, .5% to 25% mix ratios