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HydroBlend™ 6000 Series Printing/Fountain Solution Application Pumps

HydoBlend™ Fountain Solution 6080-FS
HydoBlend™ Fountain Solution 6080-FS
HydroBlend 6040-DI-HDPE,FS Dual Injection Fountain Solution Pump
HydroBlend 6040-DI-HDPE,FS Dual Injection Fountain Solution Pump


  • HB-6080-FS: $1,059.00

HydroBlend™ 6000 Series Printing/Fountain Solution Application Pumps

Hydroblend International Corporation sold its first proportioner into the Graphic Arts Industry in 1988. The industry demanded a very accurate chemically resistant proportioner that was impervious to the aggressive fountain solution chemistry.

Although the current Fountain Solution products produce superb results, their chemical formulations can be quite aggressive and common materials of construction and elastomers will have a very short life. Hydroblend's patented design permits us to customize a pump for this industry. All wet components are completely resistant to today's formulations.

All of the components are designed for long life and trouble free operation. Quality and reliability are never compromised. It has been frequently said of the Hydroblend "...it just runs and runs and runs..."

Single Injection models are available for various one step and silicone applications. A Dual, independently adjustable model is available for two step applications.

  • Reduces chemical waste
  • Improves proportioning accuracy
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable operation
  • Non electrical
  • Adjustable
  • Lowest Life Cycle Cost (Accuracy + Durability = Outstanding Value)


One Step Fountain Solution Applications

HDPE pump head with Fountain Solution specific seals

6040-FS - 7 gpm @ 75 psi, .30% to 3.00% mix percentage $992.00
6080-FS - 7 gpm @ 75 psi, .60% to 5.80% mix percentage $1059.00
6120-FS - 7 gpm @ 75 psi, .95% to 8.50% mix percentage $1254.00


Two Step Fountain Solution Applications

Dual Injection, HDPE pump head w/Fountain Solution specific seals

6040-DI-FS - 5.5 gpm @ 45 psi, .30% to 3.00% mix % on either side $1504.00
6080-DI-FS - 5.5 gpm @ 45 psi, .60% to 5.80% mix % on either side $1504.00


NOTE:  We stock one to two 6080-FS model.  Other models require some lead time.


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Water Pressure Regulators

Part Number282-500-PR282-750-PR
Connections1/2" FNPT3/4" FNPT
Gauge Port1/4" FNPT 1/8" FNPT 
Max Water Temp180°F180°F
Max Inlet Pressure300 PSI300 PSI
Options#283 Pressure Gauge#283-1 Pressure Gauge


NPT Adapters

Part Number284-2 Inlet284-3 Outlet
Connections1/2" FNPT ID x 3/4" MNPT OD x 3/4" MGHT1/2" FNPT ID x 3/4" MNPT OD x 3/4" FGHT
Construction316 Stainless Steel316 Stainless Steel


Water Filters

Part Number256T-2009256256T-150HV9256
Pump Size7 GPM7 GPM12 GPM25 GPM
DescriptionTee Housing & Filter AssemblyHousing & Cartridge AssemblyTee Housing & Filter AssemblyHigh Volume Housing & Cartridge Assembly
Filter Size200 mesh30 micron150 mesh50 micron
Replacement Cartridge256C-20256C256C-15HV256C


Mixing Chambers & Jet Assemblies

Part Number9571-ASSY9572-ASSYHV9572-ASSY
Pump Size7 GPM12 GPM25 GPM
Connections3/8" FNPT1/2" FNPT3/4" FNPT
IncludedGarden Hose & Outlet Adapters 316 SSTNo
Max Inlet Pressure75 PSI75 PSI75 PSI
Max Water Temp125°F125°F125°F
ConstructionPolypropylene Housing & Schedule 80 PVC Jet Assembly


Guide Lock

Part NumberHB-Lock
FeaturesLocks dilution setting to restrict unauthorized access
ConstructionStainless Steel Housing, Brass Lock Knob & Tool
AccessoriesReplacement Lock Housing, Lock Knob, Locking Tool and Lock Screw
Support DocsInstallation Instructions


HydroBlend™ FS Rebuild Kits


HydroBlend™ Rebuild Kits include replacement seals, springs, balls in the pump head, rear end bushing and outlet fitting parts.


Link for Common Replacement Parts List

  • Ball Valves
  • Check Valves
  • End Plates
  • Suction Hoses
  • Foot Valve Assemblies & Tube Weights