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HydroBlend™ Mid Volume Series 12 GPM Water Powered Proportioning Pumps

HydroBlend™ Mid Volume Proportioning Pump
HydroBlend™ Mid Volume Proportioning Pump


  • HB-MV6115-AV: $1,251.00
  • HB-MV6120-AV: $1,258.00
  • HB-MV6200-AV: $1,378.00
  • HB-MV6300-AV: $1,502.00
  • HB-MV6540-AV: $2,007.00

HydroBlend™ Mid Volume Series 12 GPM Water Powered Proportioning Pumps

  • 12 gpm @ 75 psi
  • Acrylic pump head and viton seals standard, other combinations are available
  • Stainless steel valve block, outlet fitting, and main cylinder
  • Reduces chemical waste, improves proportioning accuracy, repeatable formulations, easy installation, and reliable operation
  • Water pre-filter included - 150 mesh/65 micron cleanable screen, garden hose fittings
  • More models available - see specifications table - call for pricing
NOTE:  Approximate 4-week lead time










MV6115-AV11.5 oz/gal1:118.30%1:1000.90%
MV6120-AV12 oz/gal1:109.10%1:1000.95%
MV6200-AV20 oz/gal1:613.50%1:601.60%
MV6300-AV30 oz/gal1:420.00%1:402.40%
MV6540-AV54 oz/gal1:2.532.00%1:253.20%

Link to add HydroBlend Custom Board System

Order a custom board system, and HydroBlend will mount your pump vertically on a poly board along with key installation accessories which include an on-off valve, inline water pressure regulator with gauge, tee water filter, 3/4 FNPT PVC union, optional mixing chamber and solenoid shut-off, and complete plumbing attachments.


Link to Purchase HydroBlend Accessories


Water Pressure Regulators

Part Number282-500-PR282-750-PR
Connections1/2" FNPT3/4" FNPT
Gauge Port1/4" FNPT 1/8" FNPT 
Max Water Temp180°F180°F
Max Inlet Pressure300 PSI300 PSI
Options#283 Pressure Gauge#283-1 Pressure Gauge


NPT Adapters

Part Number284-2 Inlet284-3 Outlet
Connections1/2" FNPT ID x 3/4" MNPT OD x 3/4" MGHT1/2" FNPT ID x 3/4" MNPT OD x 3/4" FGHT
Construction316 Stainless Steel316 Stainless Steel


Water Filters

Part Number256T-2009256256T-150HV9256
Pump Size7 GPM7 GPM12 GPM25 GPM
DescriptionTee Housing & Filter AssemblyHousing & Cartridge AssemblyTee Housing & Filter AssemblyHigh Volume Housing & Cartridge Assembly
Filter Size200 mesh30 micron150 mesh50 micron
Replacement Cartridge256C-20256C256C-15HV256C


Mixing Chambers & Jet Assemblies

Part Number9571-ASSY9572-ASSYHV9572-ASSY
Pump Size7 GPM12 GPM25 GPM
Connections3/8" FNPT1/2" FNPT3/4" FNPT
IncludedGarden Hose & Outlet Adapters 316 SSTNo
Max Inlet Pressure75 PSI75 PSI75 PSI
Max Water Temp125°F125°F125°F
ConstructionPolypropylene Housing & Schedule 80 PVC Jet Assembly


Guide Lock

Part NumberHB-Lock
FeaturesLocks dilution setting to restrict unauthorized access
ConstructionStainless Steel Housing, Brass Lock Knob & Tool
AccessoriesReplacement Lock Housing, Lock Knob, Locking Tool and Lock Screw
Support DocsInstallation Instructions


Link to Purchase HydroBlend Rebuild Kits


HydroBlend™ 12 GPM Rebuild Kits


HydroBlend™ Rebuild Kits include replacement seals, springs, balls in the pump head, rear end bushing and outlet fitting parts.


Link for Common Replacement Parts List

  • Ball Valves
  • Check Valves
  • End Plates
  • Suction Hoses
  • Foot Valve Assemblies & Tube Weights