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HydroBlend™ Mid Volume Series 12 GPM Water Powered Proportioning Pumps

HydroBlend™ Mid Volume Proportioning Pump
HydroBlend™ Mid Volume Proportioning Pump


  • HB-MV6115-AV: $1,251.00
  • HB-MV6120-AV: $1,258.00
  • HB-MV6200-AV: $1,378.00
  • HB-MV6300-AV: $1,502.00
  • HB-MV6540-AV: $2,007.00

HydroBlend™ Mid Volume Series 12 GPM Water Powered Proportioning Pumps

  • 12 gpm @ 75 psi
  • Acrylic pump head and viton seals standard, other combinations are available
  • Stainless steel valve block, outlet fitting, and main cylinder
  • Reduces chemical waste, improves proportioning accuracy, repeatable formulations, easy installation, and reliable operation
  • Water pre-filter included - 150 mesh/65 micron cleanable screen, garden hose fittings
  • More models available - see specifications table - call for pricing
  • NOTE:  Approximate 4-week lead time




Min Ratio

Max Ratio

Min %

Max %


MV6115-AV11.5 oz/gal1:1001:110.90%8.30%$1251.00
MV6120-AV12 oz/gal1:1001:100.95%9.10%$1258.00
MV6200-AV20 oz/gal1:601:61.60%13.50%$1378.00
MV6300-AV30 oz/gal1:401:42.40%20.00%$1502.00
MV6540-AV54 oz/gal1:251:2.53.20%32.00%$2007.00



Link to add HydroBlend Custom Board System

Order a custom board system, and HydroBlend will mount your pump vertically on a poly board along with key installation accessories which include an on-off valve, inline water pressure regulator with gauge, tee water filter, 3/4 FNPT PVC union, optional mixing chamber and solenoid shut-off, and complete plumbing attachments. 


Link to add Dosatron Industrial Plumbing Kit

Dosatron puts together an installation kit that includes almost everything you need to make installation easier.  The Dosatron Industrial Plumbing Kit includes a 200 mesh T-filter, the PVC ball valve, brass pressure regulator & gauge, brass flow restrictor, PVC union ball check, PVC nipples, and union.

NOTE: For HydroBlend installations NPT to garden hose adapters will also be needed.  Dosatrons use NPT fittings, and HydroBlends use garden hose fittings.

Part number D-IPK34-14GPM  $302.48  (Kit ships separately directly from Dosatron in Florida.)


Link to purchase HydroBlend Accessories

HydroBlend offers accessories to help with installation:  Water Filters, NPT Adapters, Pressure Regulators, Mixing Chambers, and a Guide Lock.  A Water Filter is always recommended (and required for the warranty).  The Guide Lock can be used to restrict access and lock the dilution setting.  The Actuating Arm Adjustment Tool is a maintenance tool that conveniently adjusts the HydroBlend actuating arm.

Water Filters

Part No.Pump SizeDescriptionFilter SizeReplacement Cartridge
256T-2007 GPMTee Housing & Filter Assembly200 mesh256C-20
92567 GPMHousing & Cartridge Assembly30 micron256C
256T-15012 GPMTee Housing & Filter Assembly150 mesh256C-15
HV925625 GPMHigh Volume Housing & Cartridge Assembly50 micronHV256C


NPT Adapters

Part No.ConnectionsConstruction
284-2 Inlet1/2" FNPT ID x 3/4" MNPT OD x 3/4" MGHT316 Stainless Steel
284-3 Outlet1/2" FNPT ID x 3/4" MNPT OD x 3/4" FGHT316 Stainless Steel


Water Pressure Regulators

Part No.ConnectionsGauge PortMax Water TempMax Inlet PressureConstructionOptions
282-500-PR1/2" FNPT1/4" FNPT180°F300 PSIBronze#283 Pressure Gauge
282-750-PR3/4" FNPT1/8" FNPT180°F300 PSIBronze#283-1 Pressure Gauge


Mixing Chambers & Jet Assemblies

Part No.Pump SizeConnectionsIncludedMax Inlet PressureMax Water TempConstruction
9571-ASSY7 GPM3/8" FNPTGarden Hose & Outlet Adapters 316 SST75 PSI125°FPolypropylene Housing & Schdule 80 PVC Jet Assembly
9572-ASSY12 GPM1/2" FNPTGarden Hose & Outlet Adapters 316 SST75 PSI125°FPolypropylene Housing & Schdule 80 PVC Jet Assembly
HV9572-ASSY25 GPM3/4" FNPTNO75 PSI125°FPolypropylene Housing & Schdule 80 PVC Jet Assembly


Guide Lock and Maintenance Tool

Part No.HB-LockHB-AAA Tool
DescriptionGuide Lock - Locks dilution setting to restrict unauthorized accessActuating Arm Adjustment Tool - Adjusts the HydroBlend actuating arm
ConstructionStainless Steel Housing, Brass Lock Knob & ToolAnodized aluminum
AccessoriesReplacement Lock Housing, Lock Knob, Locking Tool and Lock ScrewNone
Support DocsInstallation InstructionsActuating Arm Adjustment



Link to purchase HydroBlend Accessories

Replacement Parts


Link to Purchase HydroBlend Rebuild Kits

HydroBlend™ Rebuild Kits include replacement seals, springs, balls in the pump head, rear end bushing and outlet fitting parts.

HydroBlend™ 12 GPM Rebuild Kits



Link for Common Replacement Parts List

  • Ball Valves
  • Check Valves
  • End Plates
  • Suction Hoses
  • Foot Valve Assemblies & Tube Weights