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HydroBlend™ Water Powered Proportioning Pump Systems for Richer Dilutions (1:1 or richer)

HydroBlend™ double pump system 056-L6850/F6850
HydroBlend™ double pump system 056-L6850/F6850
HydroBlend™ double pump system 055-L6850/F6850


  • HB-057-L6850-AV/F6850-AV: $4,157.00

HydroBlend™ system for richer 1:1 dilutions

057 System.  The HydroBlend™ 057-L6850-AV/F6850-AV Proportioning System consists of two 6850-AV pumps, one variable ratio, one fixed ratio, acrylic pump heads, viton seals, maximum chemical:water ratio 170:128, maximum flow 7 GPM @ 75 psi, vertical mount.  Mounted on a poly board, with by-pass plumbing to run either single or dual injection.  It also comes with a water pressure regulator, water T-filter, and complete plumbing attachments.

These systems are designed to run open to the atmosphere with a minimum 1.0 inch I.D. discharge line.  Deviation from this set-up will restrict the pump's flow, causing the pump not to cycle correctly.

  • 057-L6850-AV/F6850-AV - 7 GPM @ 75 psi, 170:128 maximum ratio, with bypass option

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Water Pressure Regulators

Part Number282-500-PR282-750-PR
Connections1/2" FNPT3/4" FNPT
Gauge Port1/4" FNPT 1/8" FNPT 
Max Water Temp180°F180°F
Max Inlet Pressure300 PSI300 PSI
Options#283 Pressure Gauge#283-1 Pressure Gauge


NPT Adapters

Part Number284-2 Inlet284-3 Outlet
Connections1/2" FNPT ID x 3/4" MNPT OD x 3/4" MGHT1/2" FNPT ID x 3/4" MNPT OD x 3/4" FGHT
Construction316 Stainless Steel316 Stainless Steel


Water Filters

Part Number256T-2009256256T-150HV9256
Pump Size7 GPM7 GPM12 GPM25 GPM
DescriptionTee Housing & Filter AssemblyHousing & Cartridge AssemblyTee Housing & Filter AssemblyHigh Volume Housing & Cartridge Assembly
Filter Size200 mesh30 micron150 mesh50 micron
Replacement Cartridge256C-20256C256C-15HV256C


Mixing Chambers & Jet Assemblies

Part Number9571-ASSY9572-ASSYHV9572-ASSY
Pump Size7 GPM12 GPM25 GPM
Connections3/8" FNPT1/2" FNPT3/4" FNPT
IncludedGarden Hose & Outlet Adapters 316 SSTNo
Max Inlet Pressure75 PSI75 PSI75 PSI
Max Water Temp125°F125°F125°F
ConstructionPolypropylene Housing & Schedule 80 PVC Jet Assembly


Guide Lock

Part NumberHB-Lock
FeaturesLocks dilution setting to restrict unauthorized access
ConstructionStainless Steel Housing, Brass Lock Knob & Tool
AccessoriesReplacement Lock Housing, Lock Knob, Locking Tool and Lock Screw
Support DocsInstallation Instructions



Please call to purchase Replacement Parts


Ball Valves

Part Number260260126032604
Connections1/2" FNPT3/4" FNPT1/2" FNPT (3 Way)3/4" FNPT
Max Inlet Pressure150 PSI150 PSI300 PSI300 PSI
Max Water Temp140°F140°F180°F180°F
ConstructionSchedule 80 PVC, EPDM OringBrassBrass


Check Valves

Part Number203-750 PVC203-750 SST
Connections3/4" FNPT3/4" FNPT
ConstructionViton Seal, PVC Ball, PVC BodyPTFE Seal, Stainless Steel Body


Standard End Plates

Part Number - Endplate9606  qty. 2 models > 6020MV9606-PVCHV9606-PVC
Pump Size7 GPM12 GPM25 GPM
ConstructionMolded Glass Filled DelrinPVCPVC


Hot Water Specific End Plates

Part Number - Endplate9606-MAC qty. 2 models > 6020MV9606-MACHV9606-MAC
Pump Size7 GPM12 GPM25 GPM
FeaturesRated up to 165°FRated up to 165°FRated up to 165°F
Note:  Additional parts needed when upgrading from standard to Hot Water specific DMAC
Part # 218-4.000 Screws (Qty. 6)
Part # 229-SST Washers (Qty. 6)

Suction Hoses

Part Number2652662672882882
ID size1/4"3/8"1/2"5/8"1.0"
Wall size3/32"1/8"1/8"1/8"5/32"
ConstructionClear PVCClear PVCClear PVcClear PVCClear PVC
Models6040, MV6025, HV60176080, MV6050, HV60356100, 6120, 6160, 6180, 6200, 6260, MV6064, MV6080, MV6115, MV6120, MV6170, HV6050, HV6080, HV60906320, 6470, MV6200, MV6300, HV6140, HV62006850, MV6540, HV6360


Foot Valve Assemblies and Tube Weights

Part Number9564-750-V9564-750-E
DescriptionFoot Valve AssemblyFoot Valve Assembly
ConstructionPVC Body with Viton SealPVC Body with EPDM Seal
Models6850, MV6540, HV6360