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Keller Accessories and Replacement Filters

Keller #RSM-3 Inlet Device, 3-float, large
Keller #RSM-3 Inlet Device, 3-float, large
Keller #555-05 Inlet Device
Keller #555-07 Inlet Device
Keller #555-06 Inlet Device
Keller TKO-6 mounted on machine tool with CLO-1 magnetic frame


  • K-CLO-1: $225.00
  • K-#RSM-3: $150.00
  • K-#555-05: $150.00
  • K-#555-06: $150.00
  • K-#555-07: $175.00
  • K-#555-17: $175.00
  • K-R10-3150: $31.25
  • K-R10-2130: $125.00
  • K-RAP-25: $40.00
  • K-RBP-25: $40.00

Keller TKO Accessories

CLO-1  Cling-on frame with magnets  $225.00
  • For mounting TKO-6 to side of machine tool

Keller Inlet Devices

An inlet device draws in oily coolant from the surface of the sump while avoiding the intake of air, which can interfere with splitting of oil from coolant in the separator tank.  The newly-designed RSM-3 Floating Inlet Device has replaced the #555 series of inlet devices.

The #555-07 Floating Inlet Device (7" wide x 10" long), the most frequently used inlet device, automatically compensates for any changes in the level of coolant in the sump.  The #555-07 may be used in pit-type sumps with liquid levels as much as 10 feet below floor level.  The #555-05 Floating Inlet Device (2" wide x 12" long) is used when only a narrow access space is available; for example, next to a conveyor.  The #555-06 Fixed Inlet Device requires only a 3" diameter hole for access to the sump but must be adjusted manually if the sump level changes significantly.

With the Keller portable separators which are rotated among several machines in sequence, it is most convenient to mount an inlet device permanently in each sump, rather than moving one inlet device from sump to sump. The connection from the inlet device to the separator is a quick connect garden hose fitting.

NOTE:  All items on this page ship directly from Keller Products.  2-3 days lead time to ship...

Additional Inlet Devices

Part No.DescriptionPrice
#RSM-3Floating inlet device, 3-float, large, FHT (8" wide x 8" long)$150.00
#555-05 Compact floating inlet device, small float$150.00
#555-06Fixed inlet device, clamp mounted (Requires 3" diameter access hole)$150.00
#555-07Large floating inlet device (12" length), 4-float$175.00
#555-17Compact floating inlet device (7" length), 4-float$175.00


TKO Replacement Filters

Part No.DescriptionPrice
R10-3150150 micron replaceable cartridge filter element, pack of 5$31.25
R10-2130Spare 10" permanent filter element, 100 micron, each$125.00

Portable Separator Polypropylene Replacement Filters

Part No.DescriptionPrice
RAP-2525 Micron Filters, Small, Pack of 5 Bags for #315, BA-0475$40.00
RBP-2525 Micron Filters, Medium, Pack of 5 Bags for #365, #457, #465$40.00
  • 25 micron bags supplied as standard. 
  • Other micron sizes available at same prices: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100