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Keller Bag Filter Magnets

MAG-0475 with BA-0475 after 1 week
MAG-0475 with BA-0475 after 1 week
Magnetic Rod and Sleeve
Magnetic Rod cross section diagram
MAG-0475 Bag Filter Magnet after 1 week
MAG-0215 Bag Filter Magnet after 3 weeks


  • K-MAG-0475: $625.00
  • K-MAG-0175: $715.00
  • K-MAG-0215: $895.00

Keller Bag Filter Magnets

Magnetic rod inserts for bag filters are cost-effective magnetic separators that can be used in conjunction with Keller’s bag filters to extend the life of filter bags by 5 times or more. Magnets for bag filters are placed inside the bag filter to eliminate metal particles before coolant flows through the filter bag. Rod inserts are very simple to install, and include the neoprene bumpers that protect the filter bag, so that no installation hardware is necessary. The removable stainless cleaning sleeve is included with all bag filter magnetic assemblies.


  • Inexpensive: Unique Assemblies drop right into your bag filter
  • Filtration as fine as 5 microns
  • Ideal For Water-Base Lubricants or Straight Oils
  • Easily removed for cleaning


  • Magnetic Assemblies fit standard #4, #1, and #2 bag sizes
  • External stainless steel sleeve is removed for easy cleaning of magnet
  • All products feature Powerful 5,000 Gauss Rare Earth Magnetic rods
  • Neoprene bumpers on ends of magnet protect filter bag from damage

Get these benefits:

  • Remove ferrous particles before coolant flows through filter bag to greatly extend life of filter bag
  • External stainless steel sleeve is removed for easy cleaning of magnet
  • Powerful rare earth magnets
  • Simply place magnet inside filter bag; no installation hardware required


Part No.DescriptionPrice
MAG-0475Magnet for Small Bag Filter Housing #4$625.00
MAG-0175Magnet for Medium Bag Filter Housing #1$715.00
MAG-0215Magnet for Large Bag Filter Housing #2$895.00


Complementary Products from Keller

  • Flow-through Magnetic Separator can be installed on inlet to PFA-1002 to remove the bulk of steel & iron particles
  • In-line Coolant Filters with permanent cleanable filter elements prevent plugging of coolant delivery systems
  • In-line Bag Filters remove chips and fines from cutting oil or coolant to as fine as 1 micron
  • Washable Water Filters with permanent, washable elements clean even the dirties water supplies

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