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Keller In-Line Bag Filters

Keller BA-0475 In-Line Bag Filter
Keller BA-0475 In-Line Bag Filter
Keller BA-0475 In-Line Bag Filter used with TKO
Keller BA-0475 In-Line Bag Filter


  • K-BA-0475: $895.00
  • K-RAP-25: $40.00
  • K-RAN-100: $50.00


Removing chips and fines from coolant or cutting oil before fluid enters the distribution manifold prevents blockage in the lines and spray nozzles and ensures that the desired fluid flow rate and distribution is maintained throughout the run. In addition, running with solids-free cutting fluid will increase tool life and minimize the requirement to shut down for machine adjustments and maintain dimensional specifications.


  • Protect to-the-spindle, through-the-spindle, and through-the-tool coolant systems, preventing tool breakage & machine shutdowns
  • Filter cutting oil or coolant which greatly extends tool life
  • Keller bag filters are easily installed in-shop in the oil or coolant lines
  • Low cost, long life filter bags are easily replaced in a couple of minutes
  • Remove chips & fines from cutting oil or coolant to as fine as 1 micron

Advantages of Keller Bag Filters

Keller bag filter housings with felted polyester bags provide excellent solids holding capacity to ensure uninterrupted runs.  Filter bags are easily changed without tools in a couple of minutes.  The economical filter bags are available in ratings from 1 micron to 100 microns at the same prices. 25 micron bags are supplied as standard, or the customer may specify a different micron rating.  The filter housings are easily shop-installed downstream from the oil or coolant pump. Maximum operating pressure is 125 psig.

BA-0475   In-Line Bag Filter, 30 gpm  $895.00
  • Price includes tripod mounting stand, pressure gauge, and 5 filter bags

NOTE:  Other larger models are available.  Call for pricing.


Part No.DescriptionPrice
RAP-2525 Micron Filters, Small, Pack of 5 Bags for #315, BA-0475$40.00
  • 25 micron bags standard.  Other micron sizes available at same price: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100


Part No.DescriptionPrice
RAN-100Optional nylon mesh filter bags, 100 micron, box of 5, small for BA-0475$50.00
  • 100 micron bags standard.  Other micron sizes available at same price:  200 and 300