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Keller TKO Tramp Oil Skimmers for single sumps

Keller TKO-6 with CLO-1 Magnetic frame
Keller TKO-6 with CLO-1 Magnetic frame
Keller TKO-10 Tramp Oil Skimmer
Keller TKO-14 Tramp Oil Skimmer
Keller RSM-3 Inlet Device, 3-float, large


  • K-TKO-6: $1,325.00
  • K-TKO-10: $1,420.00
  • K-TKO-14: $1,515.00
  • K-CLO-1: $225.00

Keller TKO Tramp Oil Skimmers for single sumps

The air-driven Keller TKO Tramp Oil Skimmer rapidly sweeps out tramp oil, cleaning and aerating the entire sump.


  • Extended tool life, improved parts finish
  • Smoke and odor eliminated
  • Multiplied coolant life = much less machine downtime, greatly reduced coolant purchase and disposal costs

Exclusive Keller advantages

  • Superior tramp oil separation - The Keller patented permanent oil separating/coalescing element provides extraordinary surface area in a small package, providing excellent oil splitting in a compact design.
  • Rugged construction - By using only 1/2" air-driven pumps, Keller has eliminated the numerous operating and reliability problems associated with electrical pumps or smaller air diaphragm pumps.
  • Ease of setup and operation - A TKO unit ships UPS in one box, and setup time is about 15 minutes. Only a 1/4" compressed air line is required to run the unit. Minimal operator attention is needed.
  • Inexpensive - Even including the 1/2" air pump, the unique Keller TKO compact design is 30% to 50% less costly than other comparatively equipped systems.

How the TKO Works

The self-priming air operated pump pulls the tramp oil/coolant mixture from the surface of the sump through the floating inlet device, then through a cartridge filter which removes any chips from the fluid.  The oil/coolant mixture is then pumped through the patented Keller all-plastic separator element immersed in a separator tank. The cleaned coolant continuously returns to the sump.  The oil layer collects on the top of the separator tank and is occasionally drained into a waste oil container, simply by opening the oil drain valve.  No other operator attention is required.


Selection Criteria
For Sump SizesMediumLargeLarge
Tramp Oil LoadingModerate HeavyVery Heavy 
Coolant Oil Rejection Rate EfficientSlowSlow

Each TKO Separator is shipped by UPS complete, ready for setup and includes (1) #RSM-3 Floating Inlet Device.  Customer supplies only a 1/4" compressed air line. The unit may be set on the floor adjacent to the sump, or the TKO-6 can be hung on the machine tool using the CLO-1 magnetic frame (see photo).

  • Model TKO-6 -- 6-gallon separator  List Price $1325.00
  • Model TKO-10 -- 10-gallon separator  List Price $1420.00
  • Model TKO-14 -- 14-gallon separator  List Price $1515.00
  • CLO-1 -- magnetic frame (for TKO-6 only)  List Price $225.00



Part No.DescriptionPrice
CLO-1Cling-on frame with magnets for mounting TKO-6 to side of machine tool$225.00
BA-0475In-Line Bag Filter, 30 gpm, can be used with all TKO models$875.00

Additional Inlet Devices

Part No.DescriptionPrice
#RSM-3Floating inlet device, 3-Floats, large (8" wide x 8" long)$125.00
#555-05Sump inlet device, small float$150.00
#555-06Sump inlet device, Fixed, clamp mounted (Requires only 3" diameter access hole)$150.00
#555-07Sump inlet device, large 4-float$175.00
#555-17Sump inlet device, compact 4-float$175.00

Inlet Devices

An inlet device draws in oily coolant from the surface of the sump while avoiding the intake of air, which can interfere with splitting of oil from coolant in the separator tank.  The newly-designed RSM-3 Floating Inlet Device has replaced the #555 series of inlet devices.

The #555-07 Floating Inlet Device (7" wide x 10" long), the most frequently used inlet device, automatically compensates for any changes in the level of coolant in the sump.  The #555-07 may be used in pit-type sumps with liquid levels as much as 10 feet below floor level.  The #555-05 Floating Inlet Device (2" wide x 12" long) is used when only a narrow access space is available; for example, next to a conveyor.  The #555-06 Fixed Inlet Device requires only a 3" diameter hole for access to the sump but must be adjusted manually if the sump level changes significantly.

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Removing chips and fines from coolant or cutting oil before fluid enters the distribution manifold prevents blockage in the lines and spray nozzles and ensures that the desired fluid flow rate and distribution is maintained throughout the run. In addition, running with solids-free cutting fluid will increase tool life and minimize the requirement to shut down for machine adjustments and maintain dimensional specifications.


  • Protect to-the-spindle, through-the-spindle, and through-the-tool coolant systems, preventing tool breakage & machine shutdowns
  • Filter cutting oil or coolant which greatly extends tool life
  • Keller bag filters are easily installed in-shop in the oil or coolant lines
  • Low cost, long life filter bags are easily replaced in a couple of minutes
  • Remove chips & fines from cutting oil or coolant to as fine as 1 micron

Advantages of Keller Bag Filters

Keller bag filter housings with felted polyester bags provide excellent solids holding capacity to ensure uninterrupted runs.  Filter bags are easily changed without tools in a couple of minutes.  The economical filter bags are available in ratings from 1 micron to 100 microns at the same prices. 25 micron bags are supplied as standard, or the customer may specify a different micron rating.  The filter housings are easily shop-installed downstream from the oil or coolant pump. Maximum operating pressure is 125 psig.  Price includes tripod mounting stand, pressure gauge, and 5 filter bags.

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Replacement Filters (All Models)

Part No.DescriptionPrice
R10-3150150 micron replaceable cartridge filter element, pack of 5$31.25
R10-2130Spare 10" permanent filter element, 100 micron, each$125.00
RAP-2525 micron filter bags for BA-0475, pack of 5$40.00
RAN-100Optional 5 nylon filter bags, 100 micron, box of 5, small size for BA-0475$50.00

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