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Laxco Industrial RHB Series Hand-held BRIX Refractometers

Laxco RHB-32ATC Brix Refractometer
Laxco RHB-32ATC Brix Refractometer
Laxco RHB refractometer w/nylon padded zipper pouch
Laxco RHB Refractometer close up of daylight plate
Refractometer replacement daylight plate comparison
Laxco Brix Refractometer top and bottom views


  • RHB-18 : $77.00
  • RHB-32: $77.00
  • RHB-32ATC : $88.00
  • RHB-62 : $77.00

Laxco Industrial RHB Series BRIX Refractometers

  • Quality new style refractometers, not the old style
  • Durable, all metal construction
  • Water-resistant seal between prism and main body to protect internal lens
  • Smooth focusing eyepiece with rubber eyecup
  • Metal footrest allows the instrument to be set on a flat surface without rolling off
  • Simple calibration with tap water with easy access to calibration screw
  • Simple to use with easy-to-read instructions
  • No batteries needed – uses only sunlight or indoor lighting for accurate readings
  • Ideal for testing soluble oil and high oil semi-synthetic machining coolants
  • Brix scale for sugar related liquids in juice, wine, soft drinks, beverages, honey, and food
  • ATC or automatic temperature compensation allows for shifts in ambient working temperature without recalibration
  • Includes calibration screwdriver, plastic pipette, and nylon padded zipper pouch
  • Backed and inspected by Laxco, formerly Westover Scientific and Advanced Microscopy Group (AMG)

  • RHB-18 Brix scale 0-18  $77.00
  • RHB-32 Brix scale 0-32  $77.00
  • RHB-32ATC Brix scale 0-32, with ATC  $88.00
  • RHB-62 Brix scale 28-62  $77.00

Available Models

Brix Range
Minimum Division
RHB-10ATC*0-10° w/ATC0.1°0.1°
RHB-32ATC*0-32° w/ATC0.2°0.2°
RHB-9058-90° w/honey1.0°0.5°








*ATC is available only on the  RHB-10 and RHB-32 models


What is ATC?  Models with the ATC suffix are equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation for accurate measurements without recalibration after shifts in ambient working temperature (field use).  ATC models are best suited for settings where the room's air temperature may vary more than one degree.  Even as much as a single degree of temperature variation can affect the reading of a refractometer without ATC.

Benefits of ATC:  Without ATC, if the temperature of the room changes by a degree or two, the refractive index shifts. The scale is only accurate for the temperature at which calibration was done. ATC allows the refractometer to maintain accuracy at a wider range of ambient temperature shifts (between 20-50 degrees Celsius). So ATC refractometers require calibration much less often than models without automatic temperature compensation.

Temperature of the sample:  The sample MUST be the same temperature as the prism for an accurate reading. ATC compensates for shifts in ambient temperature, not for the difference between sample and prism temperature. If you are working with samples at a temperature different than the ambient room temperature, leave the sample on the prism for 30 seconds before taking the reading. This allows the sample to acclimate to the temperature of the prism.


  • RP-DPA-2  Daylight plate assembly  $23.95
    • Clear & silver w/screw
    • New Style, 2-pack
  • RP-DPHB32  Daylight plate assembly  $19.95
    • Clear & black w/pin
    • Old Style, 2-pack

Link to Purchase Daylight Plate Assembly