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Coolant Consultants offers other products such as Aerators, pH Test Equipment, and Process Storage Totes. Please contact us for any pricing or product questions you may have.


Aerators keep your coolant fresh! One of our favorite uses for aerators is in conjunction with oil skimmers. Certain types of tramp oil are not drawn very well to the oil skimmers belt or disk, or the tank is too long or narrow. By using an aerator on the opposite end, the bubbling will push the tramp oil to the oil skimmer in addition to controlling bacteria. This really works!

Uncle Earl's Soap
Uncle Earl's Soap

Developed for machinists, whose hands get dry and even cracked from frequent washing, then exposed to metalworking chemistry and biology, where they become further irritated.

Uncle Earl's™ is made the old-fashioned way, using only natural ingredients (that everyone can pronounce) to remove dirt and grime without abrasives, which further damage the skin.

Contains powerful moisturizers that absorb into the skin to heal and protect, alleviating skin irritation.

Skeptical? Then put it to the test.

Right away you can feel a difference in the lather, and even the way your skin feels after the first wash. Keeping the lotion layer on your skin after washing uses even less water, although it takes about a minute for the lotion to be fully absorbed.