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PA203X Misco Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer Fire Industry Model

PA203X Misco Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer Fire Industry Model
PA203X Misco Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer Fire Industry Model
PA203X Misco Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer Fire Industry Model
PA203X Misco Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer Fire Industry Model
Misco Palm Abbe Case
Misco Palm Abbe Hard Case
Misco Rubber Armor Jackets


  • M-PA203X-FIRE: $478.00
  • M-RRAJ-BLK: $29.95
  • M-RRAJ-ORN: $29.95
  • M-RRAJ-GRY: $29.95
  • M-PA-CASE: $29.95
  • M-CAL1-PA2XX-2: $25.00

PA203X Misco Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer Fire Industry Model

The Palm Abbe Glycerine & Propylene Glycol Refractometer is designed to provide the freezing point and percent concentration of both glycerine and propylene glycol antifreeze solutions. This instrument will test glycerine and propylene glycol percent concentration by volume and freezing point in degrees Fahrenheit.  The 5th scale is the refractive index of fire-fighting foam.  

Model PA203X-001-006-008-016-018

  • Misco List Price $535.00 -- OUR PRICE $478.00
  • NOTE:  Case and jacket pictured not included.  Add to cart separately.
  • PA203X-FIRE  Misco Palm Abbe Digital Refractometer Fire Industry Model


PA203X Fire Industry Model Scales

Unit of Measure
016Glycerine % by volume0 to 100%
018Glycerine Freeze Point+32 to -46°F
006Propylene Glycol % by volume0 to 100%
008Propylene Glycol Freeze point+32 to -60°F
001Refractive Index Fire Fighting Foam1.3330 to 1.5040 nD





Adding a Rubber Armor Jacket to a Palm Abbe refractometer increases its durability and provides a better grip.  Made of high-grade silicone rubber, the Rubber Armor Jacket is custom fit and will help protect your Palm Abbe from minor bumps and scratches.

Custom contoured bumpers provide a soft, firm grip while also adding additional shock protection.  The Rubber Armor Jacket is soft to the touch and fits the Palm Abbe like a glove.  It is easily slid over the refractometer and does not have to be removed before use.

The durable jacket is tear and chemical resistant and weighs only 1.8 oz. (51 grams).  There is even a hole on top for a carabiner (included) so that you can hang the Palm Abbe refractometer from your belt loop.  The form-fitting Rubber Armor Jacket fits the Palm Abbe PA201, PA202, and PA203 series instruments and comes in three colors (black, gray, and safety orange).

Although the Rubber Armor Jacket is not guaranteed to completely protect your instrument from damage due to shocks and impacts, it does provide an additional layer of protection and provides a better grip to help you avoid dropping it in the first place.

Order one today and get a better grip on your refractometer!

  • RRAJ-BLK  Palm Abbe Rubber Armor Jacket in black  $29.95
  • RRAJ-ORN  Palm Abbe Rubber Armor Jacket in safety orange  $29.95
  • RRAJ-GRY  Palm Abbe Rubber Armor Jacket in gray  $29.95



Need proof? Our rugged Proof Case is water-proof, crush-proof, dirt-proof, dust-proof, drop-proof, rain-proof, snow-proof, sink-proof, even goof-proof. It is perfect for providing an additional level of protection when you use your Palm Abbe in demanding environments or when you just want to know that your instrument is safely stored.

The virtually indestructible case has a fitted foam insert that cushions the Palm Abbe in the event of rough handling. Two heavy-duty latches secure the lid against an integral O-ring providing a waterproof seal to 100 feet (30.5 meters) under water.

  • PA-CASE   Misco Rugged Palm Abbe Case  $29.95



NIST Traceable Certified Refractometer Calibrations - The MISCO Refractometer Certified Calibration program provides all the requirements for the confirmation of calibration accuracies for refractometers and for the preparation and control of measurement standards traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). The intention of this program is to minimize uncertainty of measurements and minimize the risk of refractometers producing results having unacceptable errors. This program is compliant with International Standard ISO 17025.

  • M-CAL1-PA2XX-2  Two-point NIST Traceable Certified Calibration, with Level I documentation  $25.00


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