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PhaSep Coalescer Tramp Oil Removal Systems

PhaSep CPS Mini Coalescer
PhaSep CPS Mini Coalescer
PhaSep Tri-Ball Float
PhaSep All Steel Construction
PhaSep Tri-Ball Floating Skimmer Attachment
PhaSep Filter Media CPS Mini & Junior
PhaSep Removable Steel Plate Packs CPS-3
PhaSep Variety of Designs


  • PS-32808001C: $2,185.00
  • PS-6280-9097: $2,518.00
  • PS-6280-9095: $2,989.00
  • PS-6280-9099: $3,322.00
  • PS-6280-9113: $4,180.00
  • PS-6280-9118: $4,503.00

PhaSep Coalescer Tramp Oil Removal Systems

Positive coolant flow, superior float design, and simple oil separation are key success factors of the PhaSep Coalescer Tramp Oil Removal Systems.  PhaSep Coalescers are designed with all steel construction; no media (see note below) to replace or dispose!


  • New Design for CPS Mini — New design improvements include casters to make it easier to move, viewing windows to see the inside without removing covers, a larger waste oil tank, and easy pump and flow adjustments.
  • Simple Payback -- Oil contamination is the number one cause of metal working fluid disposal. Metal working fluids lose valuable cooling and lubrication properties when contaminated with oil and fines. Part quality and tool life are drastically compromised. An independent study has shown that PhaSep’s patented oil removal technology will improve metal working fluid life by at least 100%, reducing the need for new coolant. Coolant disposal cost is eliminated, and tool life is increased by up to 25%. Clean coolant does not need replacing and is a much more efficient lubricant adding to tool life.
  • Benefits for the Operator -- Improving the working environment for operators helps your production continue to run smoothly and efficiently. PhaSep not only helps keep your coolant clean, it helps keep your environment clean as well. Bacteria grows and feeds on the contaminants in coolant. Bacteria is the leading cause of operator dermatitis and the foul smell associated with rancid coolant. Removing the tramp oil eliminates the food source and the bacteria, providing a safe, healthy, more pleasant environment for the machine operator.
  • Minimal Maintenance -- Any coalescing system requires maintenance, but with PhaSep’s unique design, little time is spent keeping the unit at peak performance.  Cleaning takes only minutes with the removable filter media. A simple clamp is removed without tools freeing the media from the housing. By soaking the media in water and dishwashing detergent, the accumulated oils are easily removed. After a quick rinse and re-installation, the PhaSep operates continuously with little or no attention required.
  • Processing Capability -- Eliminating tramp oil requires a superior design.  Positive coolant flow, superior float design, and simple oil separation are key success factors. Unlike competitive belt and wheel skimmers, the PhaSep draws coolant into the coalescing box at a minimum rate of 1000 gallons per day.  Frequent tank volume turnover guarantees oil removal. The Tri-Ball Float captures the oil where it accumulates most, at the surface of the coolant. A simple weir dam arrangement captures the oil and sends it to a holding tank for disposal.  Clean coolant is gravity fed back to the machine sump.
  • Product Versatility -- For most processing applications, a PhaSep dedicated unit provides the maximum oil removal for the minimum investment. The "Mini" and "Junior" units process sumps from 40-200 gallons. Larger units can be designed for up to 400 GPM flow, making them ideal for waste water treatment and central coolant systems.
  • Long-Standing Dependability -- The PhaSep is designed with all steel construction; no media to replace or dispose of for years of dependable service.
  • Designed to Meet Your Needs -- Available in a wide variety of designs to match how you would like to process your coolant; stand alone, portable stand alone, portable batch or central systems. Stainless steel models are available to remove oils from alkaline or acidic liquids. Parts washer applications are a good example of stainless steel use.

How the PhaSep Works:

The unique floating pick-up skims the tramp oil and coolant mix from the top of the machine sump. As the liquid moves slowly through the filter media, oil droplets as small as 20 microns are separated from the coolant and rise to the top of the PhaSep unit. When the oil layer builds up sufficiently in the unit, it passes over a specially-designed weir, and is trapped away from the clean coolant. The oil can then be removed periodically through the waste oil drain. Coolant, cleaned of 99% of contaminated oils, is returned directly to the machine sump.

NOTE:  The CPS Mini and CPS Junior now use the filter media shown in the above picture.  The CPS-3 Model and larger models still use the patented steel coalescing plates.


PhaSep CPS Mini  

Part No.DescriptionMax SumpPrice
32808001CCPS Mini - Includes All Flo Air Diaphragm Pump Assembly, Hose Stabilizer, and Tri-Ball Vortex Skimmer75 Gal$2185.00
6280-9097CPS Mini-Portable - Same as above, plus portable with adjustable internal skimmer75 Gal$2518.00


PhaSep CPS Junior

Part No.DescriptionMax SumpPrice
6280-9095CPS Junior - Includes All Flo Air Diaphragm Pump Assembly, Hose Stabilizer, and Tri-Ball Vortex Skimmer150 Gal$2989.00
6280-9099CPS Junior-Portable - Same as above, plus portable with adjustable internal skimmer150 Gal$3322.00

PhaSep CPS-3  

Part No.DescriptionMax SumpPrice
6280-9113CPS-3 - Includes All Flo Air Diaphragm Pump Assembly, Hose Stabilizer, and Tri-Ball Vortex Skimmer625 Gal$4180.00
6280-9118CPS-3-Portable - Same as above, plus portable 625 Gal$4503.00

Note:  Larger CPS-5 and/or stainless steel models are available.  Also, portable batch and central batch systems.  Call for pricing.




Optional Portable Package

Part No.DescriptionPrice
6280-9004Portable Package for Mini, Junior, or CPS-3 - Skid size 30" x 42"$340.00


Tri-Ball Floating Skimmer

Part No.DescriptionPrice
6280-5863Tri-Ball Floating Skimmer$148.00


Link to Purchase Tri-Ball Floating Skimmer

Replacement Parts

Part No.DescriptionPrice
6280-5102H-Style PVC Floating Skimmer$60.00
6280-5509Bottle Type Floating Skimmer$30.00
6280-5303Bottle Type Floating Skimmer w/Quick Disconnect$50.00
6280-5863Tri-Ball Floating Skimmer$148.00
6280-5616Filter - Banjo Strainer Kit$125.10
7190-2500Hose - Flexhaust Uni-loop Gray Hose$2.00/ft.
7190-2606Hose - 1" ID Hose for Outlet Side$2.00/ft.
6280-60801/8 inch Plate Pack (carbon steel)$164.00
6280-60811/4 inch Plate Pack (carbon steel)$110.00
6280-60531/8 inch Plate Pack (stainless steel)$165.00
6280-60521/4 inch Plate Pack (stainless steel)$224.40
6280-60801/8 inch - 24 inch tall - Plate Pack (carbon steel)$295.00
6280-60811/4 inch - 24 inch tall - Plate Pack (carbon steel)$215.00

NOTE:  The above prices are effective 6/01/18.  Subject to change if LNS Turbo prices increase.