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Portable Tramp Separators

By removing tramp oil and aerating the coolant at high flow rate, Keller separators eliminate the source of shop odor and extend the life of cutting tools and coolant.  A Keller portable separator can clean a sump in a few hours and then may be moved to another sump and set up in minutes.  One Keller portable separator can keep 10 or more sumps clean.  The separators can be run while the machine tool is operating or when shut down.  Keller separators are shipped by UPS and ready to run, requiring only connection to a 1/4" compressed air line.  There are no electricals.  Thousands of Keller separators are in service.

Keller Model #315 Small Bag Filter/Tramp Oil Separator
Keller offers four different size models of the high flow rate portable tramp oil separators for keeping coolant clean in 10+ sumps!
Keller #RSM-3 Inlet Device, 3-float, large
Keller magnetic frame, additional inlet devices, and replacement filters