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PT2 Ultrapen pH & Temperature Pen

PT2 Ultrapen Accessories
PT2 Ultrapen Accessories
PT2 Ultrapen pH & Temperature Pen
PT2 Ultrapen pH & Temperature Pen


  • PT2: $145.00

Ultrapen PT2 pH & Temperature Pen

"I have two customers with 40 and 80 machine tools each that require monthly coolant refractometer and pH readings.  For the pH readings I now use the Myron L Company Ultrapen PT2.  It is small, lightweight, and very handy.  I can do readings for several months before calibration is required.  Previously I used the less expensive Chinese model, and although satisfactory, it needed to be calibrated much more often, and battery life was only about 2-3 months.  Also, the bulbs are more fragile, and if broken, the unit is unrepairable.  The Ultrapen PT2 has a replaceable tip, even though I haven’t broken mine yet or dropped it.  When you read the instructions the first time they seem complicated but really aren’t.  Once you get it set up, all you have to do is put it in the 7 pH calibration solution, hold down the button until you see Cal, and then release it.  It will calibrate to 7; then just leave it, and it will shut off.  It’s now ready to go.  So far I love it and have had no problems!  Over time it seems to be a better value, and along with the Misco digital refractometer, I am able to complete my readings faster and more consistently." -- Dave Schutter



  • Accuracy of ± 0.01pH
  • Proprietary sensor design
  • 1, 2, and 3 Point calibration
  • Two pH measurement modes to choose from
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Durable, fully encapsulated electronics
  • Temperature readout
  • Waterproof
  • Powered by one N-type battery (included)
  • Made in USA

Ultrapen PT2 INCLUDES:

  • PT2 Pocket Tester Pen - battery installed
  • User replaceable pH sensor - installed
  • Scoop
  • Soaker cap
  • Pocket clip
  • Holster and lanyard
  • Operating instructions
  • 2 oz. bottle of storage solution

PT2 Measurement Modes

ModeMethod of Measurement
HOLDOnce stabilized, the readings are captured then displayed
LIVEReal-time readings are displayed continuously during measurement


Standard Solutions for Calibration and Storage:

The ULTRAPEN™ PT2 requires pH 4, pH 7, and pH 10 buffer solutions for wet calibration and pH Sensor Storage Solution for proper storage.  Coolant Consultants does not carry the buffer solutions.  We do provide a 2 oz. bottle of storage solution with the purchase of each Ultrapen PT2.

Part No.Description
PH42OZpH 4 Buffer 2 oz.
PH72OZpH 7 Buffer 2 oz.
PH102OZpH 10 Buffer 2 oz.
PHSS2OZStorage Solution 2 oz.


How often should I calibrate my PT2 Ultrapen™?

"Before and after every use I clean the bulb only with Isopropyl Alcohol, flush with distilled water, and dip it in the 7.0 pH test solution.  If it reads within + or - 0.04 of 7.0, I do not calibrate.  More than + or - 0.04 from 7.0 then I recalibrate.  So for me, 6.96 to 7.04 is good to go.  After it calibrates, just let the display turn off (about 9 seconds); then restart it and see if it reads close enough to 7.0.  If not, clean and recalibrate.

When I take readings, I round up or down to the nearest 0.0, so 7.04 is written down as 7.0 and 7.05 is written up as 7.1.  In dirty or contaminated fluids I wait until the display stabilizes.  The display will flash 3 times and change on the 4th.  When it stops changing I record the reading.  Usually the more contaminated the fluid, the longer it takes to stabilize." -- Dave Schutter

Replacement pH Sensor

The ULTRAPEN PT2 features a user replaceable pH sensor with a unique porous liquid-junction. Installation instructions included with sensor.

Model Number:

RPT2   Replacement pH Sensor  $60.95