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Skimpy Standard Belt Oil Skimmers

Skimpy Standard 6" Belt Oil Skimmer
Skimpy Standard 6" Belt Oil Skimmer
Skimpy Oil Traffic Controller
Skimpy Universal Clamp
Skimpy Standard Skimmer shown with OTC and Clamp
Optional Tork Timer


  • SK-STAN-06: $259.00
  • SK-STAN-09: $269.00
  • SK-STAN-12: $279.00
  • SK-STAN-17: $299.00
  • SK-OTC: $44.00
  • SK-CLAMP: $22.00
  • SK-SA110: $19.75

Skimpy Standard Belt Oil Skimmers

  • Continuous-duty motor housed in a liquid tight enclosure
  • Capable of removing a quart of tramp oil per hour
  • 1.18" wide polyurethane belt reinforced with kevlar
  • Two sealed ball bearings on driver pulley
  • 2 year warranty on motor
  • Spring loaded/self-adjusting lower pulley
  • Motor box height only 2.81"
  • Inexpensive replacement belts!
  • Designed to be "compact, durable, and worry-free"
  • Reach is measured from the mounting point down
  • SK-STAN-06  6" Reach Skimmer $259.00
  • SK-STAN-09  9" Reach Skimmer $269.00
  • SK-STAN-12  12" Reach Skimmer $279.00
  • SK-STAN-17  17" Reach Skimmer $299.00

Skimpy Skimmer Accessories

The Skimpy Oil Traffic Controller will pay for itself in no time.  Use with your skimmer to reduce skimmings to oil only and save coolant.  When the oil is removed from the tank, then the coolant removed by your skimmer will be returned right back to the tank. 

The Skimpy Universal Clamp is machined from 6061 aluminum and works great for mounting both the oil skimmer and the oil traffic controller/separator.

Put your skimmer on a Tork Timer to save wear and tear on the motor and save coolant.  Any skimmer running continuously with little or no oil on the top of the tank will start skimming off coolant.  The Tork heavy duty mechanical timer allows multiple ON and OFF settings for each 24-hour period and comes with a protective cover.

Part No.DescriptionPrice
SK-OTCOil Traffic Controller/Separator$44.00
SK-CLAMPUniversal Clamp$22.00
SK-SA110TORK heavy duty mechanical 24-hour timer$19.75


Link to Purchase Replacement Belts


Poly/Kevlar 1.18" wide replacement belts

SK-6sp6" reach poly/kevlar belt$22.99
SK-9sp9" reach poly/kevlar belt$26.99
SK-12sp12" reach poly/kevlar belt$30.99
SK-17sp17" reach poly/kevlar belt$37.99


Silicone/cotton 1.18" wide replacement belts

SK-6ss6" reach silicone/cotton belt$44.99
SK-9ss9" reach silicone/cotton belt$48.99
SK-12ss12" reach silicone/cotton belt$51.99
SK-17ss17" reach silicone/cotton belt$58.99