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Uncle Earl's™ Hand Healing Soap™

Uncle Earl's™ Soap
Uncle Earl's™ Soap


  • Z-JPU-OFO.1: $3.50
  • Z-JPU-OFO.6: $22.00
  • Z-JPU-OFU.1: $3.50
  • Z-JPU-OFU.6: $22.00

Uncle Earl's™ Hand Healing Soap™
Just the Facts...

  • There is no grit in Uncle Earl's, since abrasives generally tear at the surface of the skin, which encourages irritation and even dermatitis.
  • Uncle Earl's™ is formulated with powerful and natural cleaning agents which chemically help wash away dirt, grease, and grime.
  • Uncle Earl's™ contains compounds that are absorbed into the skin. This helps your skin reclaim its own natural defenses.
  • The unscented has absolutely no essential oils added to. It is 'hypo-allergenic' because it is the least possibly irritating Uncle Earl's Soap.
  • The bars are extremely long lasting -- one bar lasts as long as a gallon of common liquid soap!
  • The liquid is more concentrated and will penetrate your skin more quickly
  • Yes, Uncle Earl is a real person


  • JPU-OFO.1 Orange, 1 bar
  • JPU-OFO.6 Orange, 6-pack bars
  • JPU-OFU.1 Unscented, 1 bar
  • JPU-OFU.6 Unscented, 6-pack bars