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VariAxe Tube Oil Skimmer

VariAxe Skimmer & Pail Combo, Sump Side
VariAxe Skimmer & Pail Combo, Sump Side
VariAxe Skimmer & Pail Combo, Sump Top
VariAxe Clamp On Skimmer
VariAxe Skimmer & Pail Combo shown with Pivot Extension
VariAxe Pivot Extension Option, longer
Chip Basket Strainer
Drain Spigot option for VariClean Pail
VariClean Pail


  • VXS-PC-SS: $534.00
  • VXS-PC-ST: $534.00
  • VXS-PB-SS: $477.00
  • VXS-PB-ST: $477.00
  • VXS-CO: $477.00
  • VXS-PAIL: $56.00
  • VXS-EXT: $147.00
  • VXS-Strainer: $30.00
  • VXS-Spigot: $22.00

VariAxe Tube Oil Skimmer


Dual action scrapers pick up chips and fines with the oil; The contaminates from metals and plastics are picked up with the round belting of the VariAxe.  These contaminates adhere to the oil that has an ionic attraction to the belting.

Portable unit with belting that fits almost anywhere; With an opening of 1" x 3" the VariAxe belting can get into the most difficult spaces.  The entire unit can be easily picked up and moved to another machine.  Tube lengths can be custom fit for many different applications.  

Pulls less coolant than other skimmers; The smaller surface of the belting is very effective for removing oil, chips, and fines while pulling very little coolant compared to disk or belt skimmers.

Multiple belt lengths and materials for custom jobs; High strength elastomeric belting provides long service life.  Custom reach lengths are available.  Can skim up to 10 ft. deep! 

Single large diameter drive wheel; The wheel has a very large contact area which maximizes drive and eliminates belt slippage, denting, or deformation.

Fan-controlled heavy-duty motor; Steel cut precision gears in the overload protected motor provide long lasting performance and reliability.

On/Off power switch with 10' NEMA cord; Allows easy on/off.  Extended 10' cord for reaching power source.

Separate skimmer and pail handles for easy transport

One-year warranty on skimmer; Two-year warranty on round belt.


VariAxe Skimmer & VariClean Pail Combo

The Vari-Axe Pail Top Combo can fit on top or beside a sump, beside a chip conveyor, on recycling tanks or 55-gallon drums, or even in enclosed machines through small access holes.  The applications are unlimited!

Lift off skimmer, carry off pail; With the semi clear pail, it is still easy to see full separation of the fluids.  When it is full of oil, lift off the skimmer, and carry off the pail.  Any five-gallon pail will work, but we recommend the Vari-Clean with its benefits.  Note that the new, more durable VariClean pail is shown in the second picture. 

The Vari-Clean Pail works like a gravity separator, returning water back into the sump through the gravity return pipe.  Watch this one-minute video, and you will see how the VariAxe Skimmer works and the advantages of the Vari-Clean Pail:

Link to Gravity Displacement Video


There are two VariAxe Skimmer & Pail Combo options: 

VXS-PC-SS  VariAxe Skimmer & Pail Combo, Sump Side -- 12" reach 
VXS-PC-ST  VariAxe Skimmer & Pail Combo, Sump Top -- 21" reach 


VariAxe Skimmer Pail Bracket/Pail Top Skimmer

Order this model if you already have a pail and/or don't want the VariClean diverter pail.  

VXS-PB-SS  VariAxe Pail Bracket Skimmer, Sump Side -- 12" reach 
VXS-PB-ST  VariAxe Pail Bracket Skimmer, Sump Top -- 21" reach 


VariAxe Skimmer Clamp on Version

NOTE:  Clamp on version is recommended only if there are clearance issues and the need to get into a small area.  The Clamp on does not have the brackets that are on the Pail Top.

Clamp for easy mounting; drilled for screw mounts.

Includes 8” drain hose with ¾” drain hose barb; additional lengths of vinyl or PVC up to 4’ long can be added.

Standard reach lengths for the tubes are 8", 12", 18" and 24".  Please specify when ordering.

Tote handle for easy transport

VXS-CO  VariAxe Clamp On Skimmer, specify reach length -- 8", 12", 18" or 24"


Part No.DescriptionPrice
VXS-PC-SSVariAxe Skimmer & Pail Combo, Sump Side$534.00
VXS-PC-STVariAxe Skimmer & Pail Combo, Sump Top$534.00
VXS-PB-SSVariAxe Pail Bracket Skimmer, Sump Side$477.00
VXS-PB-STVariAxe Pail Bracket Skimmer, Sump Top$477.00
VXS-COVariAxe Clamp On Skimmer, specify reach$477.00






The VariClean pail works like a gravity separator.  With the new semi-transparent pail, it is still easy to see the separation of the fluids and when the pail needs to be emptied.


This option allows the pin pointing of access into small areas of hard to reach places.  The pivot allows for left, right, up, down, and all combinations of those directions.  The VariAxe with the pivot option can very likely reach those areas in the sump that other oil skimmers can't access. 

The standard pivot extension option is 24".  Longer extensions can be custom ordered.  Above picture shows one of the longer pivot extensions.


The chip basket strainer fits conveniently inside the VariClean Pail.


Add a spigot to your VariClean Pail, and you won't have to lift off the skimmer to dump the pail!

Part No.DescriptionPrice
VXS-PailVariClean Pail$56.00
VXS-EXTPivot Extension Option - 24" Standard Reach$147.00
VXS-StrainerChip Basket Strainer$30.00
VXS-SpigotDrain Spigot for VariClean Pail$22.00


Replacement Parts

Part No.DescriptionPrice
VXS-Belt-1Belting for Sump Side Applications$54.00
VXS-Belt-2Belting for Sump Top Applications$54.00
VXS-Belt-PEBelting for Pivot Extension Applications$54.00
VXS-DriveWheelVariAxe Drive Wheel$52.00
VXS-RetainerCoverVariAxe Belt Retaining Cover$24.00
VXS-GearMotorVariAxe Custom AC Gear Motor$134.00