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Wayne MAXI-Skimmer™ Model MWM for wells

Wayne MAXI-Skimmer™ for wells
Wayne MAXI-Skimmer™ for wells



MWM units are fitted with a 1" or 2" wide cogged polyurethane belt (no slippage!) to fit into 2" diameter (or larger) monitor wells as deep as 50 feet. They are fitted with a weighted nylon separator to separate the up and down cogs from intermeshing. The lower tail pulleys are suited for the belt width and well diameter.

Incoming power is 115/1/60 which is converted to 90vac to run the gear motor.  A dial changes the speed.  All units are equipped with a lid handle kit and three foot outlet hose extension.

Optional accessories include an adjustable stand to allow product collection into a 55 gallon drum or other container.  A Maxi-Sep™ gravity separator assures 100% product collection and allows recycling of any water collected.  An inexpensive "plug-in" timer can control on-off times and a plug-in ground fault interrupter can provide electrical safety.

For wells over 6" diameter, other Maxi-Skimmer types are available with one to four 4" wide polyurethane or stainless steel belts!  Belt reach is available to 100 feet down.

NOTE: Belt and lower pulleys not shown in picture.

  • Model MWM/5-B-93-4100P2 Wayne MAXI-Skimmer™  $2020.00
    • with 2" wide poly belt, 16 ft. reach
    • estimated collection rate 1-20 gallons per hour
    • includes 3 ft. outlet extension hose and handle kit for top lid

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