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Wayne Mini-Skimmer™ and MAXI-Skimmer™ Accessories

Wayne Adjustable Stand
Wayne Adjustable Stand
Wayne Mini-Sep Oil/Water Separator
Wayne Replacement Belts
Wayne MAXI-Sep Oil/Water Separator
Wayne Timer and GFI


  • W-33025: $204.00
  • W-33029: $257.00
  • W-30823: $479.00
  • W-31018: $16.00
  • W-31040: $37.00
  • W-31041: $37.00

Wayne Belt Skimmer Accessories

Gravity Oil/Water Separators - Any oil skimmer will pick up some of the host fluid.  Gravity separators use a simple design that separate the oil from the host fluid allowing the host fluid to be returned to the tank.  No moving parts. 

The Mini-Sep™ (33025) has heavy-duty steel construction with brass outlet ports and 4" galvanized steel discharge pipes.  Mounting hardware included.  Works with all Mini-Skimmers.

The MAXI-Sep™ (33029) is made from high-impact strength polyethylene, rated at 25 gallons per hour maximum, and measures 13" x 13" x 7" high.  The inlet has a perforated trash screen installed on a removable lid.  The oultets are directionally adjustable and accept 5/8" ID hose.  Liquid capacity is 3 gallons. 

Adjustable Stand

  • Works for both Mini-Skimmers and MAXI-Skimmers
  • Made from durable 80/20® extruded aluminum that is light weight, yet incredibly strong.
  • Adjustable height (up to five feet) and adjustable arm width (up to 2 feet) – this stand is perfect for any application in the field, especially for discharge into a 55-gallon drum.

2 ft. Outlet Hose Extension - Two-Foot Discharge Hose for getting oil away from your machine ASAP.

  • Clear PVC material
  • 5/8” ID x 13/16” OD
  • 35PSI & 68°F and 2000 PSI tensile strength

24 Hour Plug-IN Timer - Perfect for automatically skimming at night while your sump is settled.

  • 115V, 15 amps, 1250 watts
  • Manual on/off override
  • UL & CSA certified

Ground Fault Interrupter - Safety first!

  • 115V, 15 amps, 1875 watts, 2 or 3-wire
  • UL & CUL listed, NEMA 5-15 P & R
  • Power ON indicator light
  • Trip level 4-6 mA


Mini-Skimmer™ Accessories

Part No.DescriptionPrice
33025Mini-Sep™ Gravity Oil/Water Separator$204.00
310182 ft. Trough Extension$16.00
31040Auto-Timer, 115v$37.00
31041Plug-in Ground Fault Interrupter, 115v$37.00

MAXI-Skimmer™ Accessories

Part No.DescriptionPrice
33029MAXI-Sep™ Oil/Water Separator$257.00
30823Adjustable Stand$479.00
31040Auto-Timer, 115v$37.00
31041Plug-in Ground Fault Interrupter, 115v$37.00


Wayne Belt Skimmer Replacement Belts

Wayne Products has Mini-Skimmer™ spare belts STOCKED at all times.  Please call for belt pricing on other models.

Wayne MSB-A Mini-Skimmer™ Belts (1" wide belts)

Part No.DescriptionFull DescriptionPrice
31010270P Cog8" Reach Cog Poly Belt$72.00
31011360P Cog12" Reach Cog Poly Belt$77.00
31012480P Cog18" Reach Cog Poly Belt$82.00
31013600P Cog24" Reach Cog Poly Belt$87.00


Wayne MSB-B Mini-Skimmer™ Belts (1" wide belts)

Part No.DescriptionFull DescriptionPrice
31610270S1 SS8" Reach Stainless Steel Belt$92.00
31611360S1 SS12" Reach Stainless Steel Belt$97.00
31612480S1 SS18" Reach Stainless Steel Belt$102.00
31613600S1 SS24" Reach Stainless Steel Belt$106.00


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