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Wayne Mini-Skimmer™ MSB-A Belt Oil Skimmers

Wayne Mini-Skimmer™ MSB-A Belt Oil Skimmers
Wayne Mini-Skimmer™ MSB-A Belt Oil Skimmers
Wayne Mini-Skimmer™ How to Measure Reach


  • W-36010: $465.00
  • W-36020: $478.00
  • W-36030: $488.00
  • W-36040: $502.00

Wayne Mini-Skimmer™ MSB-A Belt Oil Skimmers

Cogged belt oil skimmers have been the industry standard coolant skimmer since Mini-Skimmer debuted the cogged belt in 1989. These are the perfect coolant skimmer for any CNC machine sump

Model MSB-A comes with Wayne’s cogged belt, stocked in FOUR standard reach lengths (8″, 12″, 18″, or 24″), and includes their accessory pack:

  • 24-hour timer for running Mini-Skimmer™ at specific times (night skimming!)
  • Ground fault interrupter (GFI) for electrical safety protection
  • Two-Foot Discharge Hose that fits perfectly on the scraper trough


  • 1" wide cog poly belt in four popular lengths
  • For use with coolant or neutral pH waste waters
  • 1 qt/hr collection for individual machine tools
  • 1 gal/hr collection with 30 RPM motor
  • SplashGuard™ PVC cover for motor protection
  • Quiet, small, dependable permanent magnet motor
  • Stabilizer bar holds lower pulley
  • All metal parts are stainless steel
  • Timer, Ground Fault Interrupter, and 2 ft. ext. hose included

1 Quart per Hour Collection Rate

  • 36010  8" Reach Belt Skimmer  $465.00
  • 36020  12" Reach Belt Skimmer  $478.00
  • 36030  18" Reach Belt Skimmer  $488.00
  • 36040  24" Reach Belt Skimmer  $502.00

1 Gallon per Hour Collection Rate (call to order)

  • 36011  8" Reach Belt Skimmer  $465.00
  • 36021  12" Reach Belt Skimmer  $478.00
  • 36031  18" Reach Belt Skimmer  $488.00
  • 36041  24" Reach Belt Skimmer  $502.00

Mini-Skimmer™ Accessories

Part No.DescriptionPrice
33025Mini-Sep™ Gravity Oil/Water Separator$204.00

Gravity Oil/Water Separators - Any oil skimmer, including our competition, will pick up some of the host fluid.  Simple gravity separators will allow the host fluid to be recycled and 100% oil to be collected.  No moving parts.

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Wayne Belt Skimmer Replacement Belts

Wayne Products has spare belts STOCKED at all times. 

Wayne MSB-A Mini-Skimmer™ Belts (1" wide belts)
Part No.DescriptionFull DescriptionPrice
31010270P Cog8" Reach Cog Poly Belt$72.00
31011360P Cog12" Reach Cog Poly Belt$77.00
31012480P Cog18" Reach Cog Poly Belt$82.00
31013600P Cog24" Reach Cog Poly Belt$87.00

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