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Zebra Oil Skimmer Accessories

Zebra BGST4 Diverter™ Tank
Zebra BGST4 Diverter™ Tank
Zebra BGX2 Lockjaw™ Mounting Clamp
Zebra ZXB8-MAG Magnetic Base
Zebra Heavy Duty Timer
Zebra ZXB8-MAG Magnetic Base


  • Z-BGST4: $99.00
  • Z-BGX2: $165.00
  • Z-ZXB8: $78.00
  • Z-ZXB8-MAG: $65.00
  • Z-XETIMER: $27.00

Zebra Diverter™ Reduces Coolant Waste

Good coolants can act like oil, which means a mechanical skimmer draws up some coolant along with the tramp oils. The Diverter™ saves your coolant by separating it from the tramp oils and returning it to the sump.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Brass outlet ports with discharge pipes
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Works with Sidewinder™ and Belt Skimmer and many other brand skimmers
  • For oil volumes to 2 quarts per hour (larger unit available for high oil volumes)
  • One year warranty
  • Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 2.5"
  • Raises unit by 2.5".  Please account for when selecting belt reach.


Zebra Lockjaw™ Makes Installation a Snap

Hard-mounting a skimmer may be impractical for your operations due to machine maintenance. You may just want it to be portable. The Lockjaw™ mounts below the skimmer, allowing it to mount and be removed easily.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Fits open drums or pails and tank walls to 1/4" thick
  • Mounts below Zebra Belt Skimmer with or without the Diverter™
  • Mounts below Sidewinder™ Tube Skimmer using Diverter™ only
  • Not for use with disk skimmers


Zebra Sidewinder™ Base Plate with Magnetic Option

  • Sidewinder™ base plate for ZVA8 models
  • Magnetic option for Sidewinder™ base plate (base plate is purchased separately)
  • Note: Magnetic base option is for using the Sidewinder™ without the Diverter™


Zebra 24-Hour Timer

Any skimmer running continuously with little or no oil on the top of the tank will start skimming off coolant.

  • Keep your oil skimming on schedule
  • Stop burning out intermittent-duty motors
  • One year warranty


Zebra Belt Skimmer Accessories

Part No.DescriptionPrice
BGST4Diverter™ oil/water separator$99.00
BGX2Lockjaw™ Mounting Clamp $165.00
XETIMER Timer, 24-hour, 3 settings per day, 110v$27.00


Zebra Disk Skimmer Accessory

Part No.DescriptionPrice
XETIMERTimer, 24-hour, 3 settings per day, 110v$27.00


Zebra Sidewinder™Tube Skimmer Accessories

Part No.DescriptionPrice
BGST4Zebra Diverter™ oil/water separator$99.00
BGX2Zebra Lockjaw™ Mounting Clamp for Sidewinder™$165.00
ZXB8Zebra Sidewinder™ Base Plate, Model ZVA8$78.00
ZXB8-MAG Magnetic option for Sidewinder™ base plate$65.00
XETIMERElectrical Timer, 24-hour, 3 settings per day, 110v$27.00