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Zebra Sidewinder™ Tube Skimmer Replacement Tubes

Zebra ZT8-11 Replacement Tube 11"
Zebra ZT8-11 Replacement Tube 11"
Zebra ZXCART Replacement Tube & Gear Cartridge
Zebra BGST4 Diverter™ Tank
Zebra BGX2 Lockjaw™
Zebra ZXB8-MAG Magnetic Base Option
Zebra Sidewinder Reach Length Diagram


  • Z-ZXCART8-08: $119.00
  • Z-ZXCART8-11: $119.00
  • Z-ZXCART8-14: $122.00
  • Z-ZXCART8-17 to 29: $131.00
  • Z-ZXCART8-32 to 50: $149.00
  • Z-ZXCART8-53 to 71: $170.00
  • Z-ZXCART8-74 to 95: $193.00
  • Z-ZXB8: $78.00
  • Z-ZT8-08: $49.00
  • Z-ZT8-11: $49.00
  • Z-ZT8-14: $49.00
  • Z-ZT8-17 to 29: $58.00
  • Z-ZT8-32 to 50: $76.00
  • Z-ZT8-53 to 71: $97.00
  • Z-ZT8-74 to 95: $120.00

Zebra Sidewinder™ Tube Skimmer Replacement Tubes

Tube & Gear Cartridge - For ZVA8 models, new base angle required to retrofit ZVA6, ZVA7 models

Base Angle - For Sidewinder™ model 8 cartridge, use to upgrade older model ZVA6 and ZVA7 models

Replacement Tube only - Best for replacement on model ZVA8

NOTE:  Sidewinder replacement tube & gear cartridges and tubes come with different reach lengths for the tubes (not the overall length or circumference) starting at 8” reach, 11” reach, 14” reach, etc.   Reach is the measurement from the base of the skimmer down into the tank, not the overall length of the tube, which is approximately double the reach plus another 14”.  See SPECS diagram on the Specifications tab for help with the measurement.  Please specify reach length needed in the order comments during checkout.

Replacement Tubes & Cartridges, BASE Angle

Part No.DescriptionPrice
ZXCART8-XX Tube & gear cartridge*$119.00 to $193.00
ZXB8Model 8 cartridge base angle$78.00
ZT8-XXReplacement tube only*$49.00 to $120.00

*Specify length.  Reach sizes available from 8" to 95" maximum, in 3" increments

Call with questions or if you need help ordering!


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Zebra Diverter™ Reduces Coolant Waste

Good coolants can act like oil, which means a mechanical skimmer draws up some coolant along with the tramp oils.  The Diverter™ saves your coolant by separating it from the tramp oils and returning it to the sump.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Brass outlet ports with discharge pipes
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Works with Sidewinder™ and Belt Skimmer and many other brand skimmers
  • For oil volumes to 2 quarts per hour (larger unit available for high oil volumes)
  • One year warranty
  • Dimensions: 7x3x2.5"
  • Raises unit by 2.5".  Please account for when determining reach.

Zebra Lockjaw™ Makes Installation a Snap

Hard-mounting a skimmer may be impractical for your operations due to machine maintenance.  You may just want it to be portable.  The Lockjaw™ mounts below the skimmer, allowing it to mount and be removed easily.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Fits open drums or pails and tank walls to 1/4" thick
  • Mounts below Sidewinder™ Tube Skimmer

Zebra Magnetic Base Option

  • Magnetic base option for Sidewinder™ without the Diverter™
  • Magnetic option for Sidewinder™ base angle (base angle purchased separately)


Zebra Timer

Any skimmer running continuously with little or no oil on the top of the tank will start skimming off coolant.

  • Keep your oil skimming on schedule
  • Stop burning out intermittent-duty motors
  • One year warranty


Part No.DescriptionPrice
BGST4Zebra Diverter™ oil/water separator$99.00
BGX2Zebra Lockjaw™ Mounting Clamp for Sidewinder™$165.00
ZXB8-MAG Magnetic Base option for Sidewinder™ without Diverter™$65.00
XETIMERElectrical Timer, 24-hour, 3 settings per day, 110v$27.00


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