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Zebra Skimmers Standard Belt Oil Skimmers

Zebra BPF1-12 Belt Oil Skimmer
Zebra BPF1-12 Belt Oil Skimmer
Zebra BGST4 Diverter
Zebra BGX2 Lockjaw Mounting Clamp


  • Z-BPF1-08: $399.00
  • Z-BPF1-12: $409.00
  • Z-BPF1-18: $419.00
  • Z-BPF1-24: $429.00
  • Z-BSF1-08: $449.00
  • Z-BSF1-12: $459.00
  • Z-BSF1-18: $469.00
  • Z-BSF1-24: $479.00


  • 4 standard sizes (8, 12, 18, and 24" reach)
  • Easy to remove and clean collection tray
  • Continuous-duty fan-cooled 115v, 28 rpm motor
  • 1 gallon per hour oil removal capacity
  • Self-tensioning 1" wide belt on fixed lower pulley (for short reaches)
  • Steel, heavy-duty, rugged construction
  • 2" diameter minimum access required
  • Dual wiper set with lifetime warranty
  • Two year warranty on all other parts (except 30 days on steel belts)
  • Maximum temperatures: 80°F (27°C) for poly belts, 212°F (100°C) for steel belts
  • Optional 220v/50Hz, 23 rpm motor available for same price
  • BPF1-08  8" reach poly belt skimmer
  • BPF1-12  12" reach poly belt skimmer
  • BPF1-18  18" reach poly belt skimmer
  • BPF1-24  24" reach poly belt skimmer
  • BSF1-08  8" reach SS belt skimmer
  • BSF1-12  12" reach SS belt skimmer
  • BSF1-18  18" reach SS belt skimmer
  • BSF1-24  24" reach SS belt skimmer

Recommended Accessory

Any skimmer running continuously with little or no oil on the top of the tank will start skimming off coolant.

  • XETIMER  Zebra 24-Hour Timer, 3 Settings/Day


Zebra Belt Skimmer Accessories

Part No.DescriptionPrice
BGST4Diverter, oil/water separator for pure oil discharge (raises unit by 2", please account for when selecting reach)$99.00
BGX2Lockjaw Mounting Clamp affixes skimmer to any 1/4" thick wall or barrel, making portability simple$165.00
XETIMER Timer, 24 hour, 3 settings per day, 110v plugs to any standard outlet$27.00


Link to Order Zebra Belt Skimmer Accessories    


Link to order Zebra Replacement Parts


Poly Replacement Skimmer Belts

Part No.DescriptionPrice
BP-08Standard Belt Poly 8" reach 1" x 24.75" OAL$51.00
BP-12Standard Belt Poly 12" reach 1" x 32.75" OAL$56.00
BP-18Standard Belt Poly 18" reach 1" x 44.75" OAL$61.00
BP-24Standard Belt Poly 24" reach 1" x 56.75" OAL$66.00


Stainless Steel Replacement Skimmer Belts

Part No.DescriptionPrice
BS-08Standard Belt Stainless Steel 8" reach 1" x 24.75 OAL$57.00
BS-12Standard Belt Stainless Steel 12" reach 1" x 32.75" OAL$63.00
BS-18Standard Belt Stainless Steel 18" reach 1" x 44.75" OAL$68.00
BS-24Standard Belt Stainless Steel 24" reach 1" x 56.75" OAL$73.00


Replacement Wiper Blades

Part No.DescriptionPrice
BXWIPZebra wiper set for belt skimmers, 1" wide belts$18.00
BXWIP-2Zebra wiper set for belt skimmers, 2" wide belts$29.00

NOTE:  There is a life-time warranty on the Zebra wiper blades, but Zebra requires Proof of Purchase on the skimmer.  The above wipers sets are NO CHARGE, if you know when and where you purchased the skimmer.  If purchased through Coolant Consultants, we can look up the Zebra purchase order.  Contact us.