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Zebra XBUB Oxygenator™ Aerators

XBUB Zebra Oxygenators
XBUB Zebra Oxygenators
Zebra XBUB 5000


  • Z-XBUB5000: $65.00
  • Z-XBUB8000: $117.00

Zebra Oxygenator™ Reduces Coolant Rancidity

  • Extend coolant life
  • Eliminate foul odors
  • Maintain high oxygen levels
  • Industrial-grade diffuser
  • Fuel-grade tubing
  • 110 volt

The Oxygenator™ is an economical approach to extending coolant life.  In the absence of oxygen, anaerobic bacteria multiply, causing coolant to spoil.  Injecting oxygen into coolant using an aerator, maximizes the coolant's performance by killing anaerobic bacteria and encouraging the good aerobic bacteria. 

The Oxygenator is inexpensive and similar to aquarium pumps, but uses oil-rated tubing and diffusers that will not degrade in the coolant environment.  The two tubes/diffusers included on the medium Oxygenator can aerate different parts of one large tank or two separate tanks in close proximity. 

One of my favorite uses for aerators is in conjunction with oil skimmers.  Certain types of tramp oil are not drawn very well to the oil skimmer belt or disk, or the tank is too long or narrow.  By using an aerator on the opposite end, the bubbling will push the tramp oil to the skimmer in addition to controlling the bacteria.  This really works! -- Dave Schutter

  • XBUB5000 Medium oxygenator™
    • 2 ports, for 25-50 gal sump, 3000 cc/min
  • XBUB8000 Large oxygenator™
    • 1 large port, for 51-100 gal sump, 5000 cc/min