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Welcome to Coolant Consultants, Inc.

Coolant Consultants, Inc. is your online resource for ordering wholesale Industrial Fluid Maintenance Equipment and Products such as oil skimmers, refractometers, proportional mixers or proportioning pumps, aerators, pH testers, and ozone equipment.  We provide machine tool coolant solutions. We are a wholesale distributor for more than one brand of oil skimmers, proportional mixers, and refractometers, as well as Keller filtration systems, and ClearWater Tech ozone equipment.

David Schutter, president of Coolant Consultants, has over twenty-five years of experience in the metal working industry, specializing in fluid maintenance, recycling, and disposal. This includes working with centrifuges, ultrafiltration, vacuum distillation, water purification systems, fluid filtration systems, and laboratory testing.  David is also a certified cutting fluid specialist. He can help you choose the right product for your application.

Mary Schutter, vice-president of Coolant Consultants, has over twenty-five years in the accounting field with a degree in Business and Marketing.  Mary works full-time for Coolant Consultants and will, most likely, be the one who answers the phone when you call.

Rachel Nielsen, Administrative Assistant, has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Luther College, four years of experience in the Customer Service field, and three years of experience at Coolant Consultants.