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ClearWater Tech Mini Series Corona Discharge (CD) Ozone Systems produce more ozone using less electrical energy than any other ozone generators available.  With features like compact size, fully adjustable ozone output, convenient electrical interface plug, and 4-20mA control circuitry, these units are a perfice combination of versatility, economy, and solid-state reliability.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer commercially available, up to 1.5 times stronger and many times faster acting than chlorine, and is unmatched as a disinfectant. Unlike traditional antiseptics, ozone is produced on-site with equipment that can easily be sized to meet any requirement. Ozone-enriched water (OEW) not only sanitizes surfaces on contact but is completely safe. Ozone also leaves no harmful residue in water to harm the environment.




Residential swimming pools

Commercial spas

Residential well water

Bottled water

Waste water

Commerical laundry

Water features


Surface sanitation

Compact, wall-mounted

Powder coated enclosure

Air cooled for ease of installation

Solid-state components

Check valve assembly

LED display

4-20 mA control or manual variable

Available in stainless steel

Made in USA

Better sanitation – Complete disinfection on contact

Eliminates odors – Powerful, but safe, oxidation

Saves money – Reduces or eliminates chemical use

Saves time – Disinfectant produced on-site (no storage, mixing, or handling of chemicals)

Protects the environment – Ozone reduces waste water pollutants



The CD10 is a single reaction chamber CD ozone generator with fully adjustable output. Light weight, wall-mounted, and easy to install.


The CD10/AD is a corona discharge ozone generator with a single reaction chamber, fully adjustable output, and built-in air dryer.


The CD12 is a corona discharge ozone generator with a dual reaction chamber. It has fully adjustable ozone output. Compact and versatile, the CD12 can be used for swimming pools, commercial laundry, and aquaculture.


The CD12/AD features dual ozone reaction chambers with an efficient built-in air-dryer for the highest grams per hour and ozone concentration in a compact, air-cooled, self-contained package.


Recommended ClearWater Tech Mini Series Accessories include the Mazzei injector manifold, check valve assembly, vacuum break, and SCFH Vacuum Gauge Assembly with vacuum switch.