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Permanent rare earth magnetic rod placed in filter bag cleans steel and iron chips from coolant or oil, extends life of filter bag 5 times or more.


Keller Black Magic Replacement Belts, oil attracting, available in four standard lengths.


Keller Skimallessor Tank and Magnetic Bracket


Cling-on frame with magnets for mounting TKO Separators or ECO-5.5 Coalescer to side of machine tool


Keller In-Line Bag Filters remove chips and fines from cutting oil or coolant to as fine as one micron. Price includes tripod mounting stand, pressure gauge, and 5 filter bags.


Additional inlet devices for the Keller TKO and ECO Tramp Oil Skimmers/Coalescers


Keller replacement filters for TKO and portable separators, BA-075 in-line bag filter, and PFA-1002 filtration system