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Abanaki Mighty Disk™ Replacement Wipers REPLACEMENT WIPER BLADES Part No. Description Price AB-PMD-09A Set of 2 wiper blades for 12″ Mighty Disk $20.00 AB-PMD-09B Set of 2 wiper blades for 18″ Mighty Disk $23.00


Abanaki Replacement Skimmer Belts, 1" or 2" wide, available in reach lengths of 6", 12", 18", and 24"


Abanaki Oil Boss® Replacement Parts


The Abanaki Oil Concentrator performs as a virtually complete oil water separator for recycling or disposal of either liquid. This Oil Water Separator is non-electrical and contains no moving parts -- it simply receives liquid directly from the skimmer.


Abanaki TubeTastic™ Replacement Tubes in four standard lengths