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Disk skimmers work by mounting to the top of the tank and running a large diameter disk into the coolant surface. The disk itself is made of either plastic or stainless steel. As the disk passes through the coolant surface, oil is picked up and wiped off with a set of wiper blades as the disk passes between them.

Advantages for disk skimmers are a slightly higher pick up rate than other types of skimmers and lower cost.

Disk skimmers do require a larger operating space to accommodate the disks. The pick up rate drops dramatically if the fluid level does not cover at least half the surface of the disk, making it unsuitable in tanks where the fluid level fluctuates.


The compact Skimpy Model 360+ 12" Disk Oil Skimmer with removable and easy to clean oil/coolant separator and heavy- duty motor has been upgraded to the new REV12 model.


This inexpensive Abanaki disk skimmer removes unwanted tramp oils from coolants and parts washers, but is made with all the quality that you expect from Abanaki!


Zebra's Smart Disk oil skimmer with Integrated Diverter™ removes only oil from your sump. Lifetime warranty on disk and wipers. Continuous duty motor and rugged steel construction.


Zebra's Original Disk oil skimmer handles heavy oil loads from coolant and washwater applications. This classic disk-type oil skimmer comes with a lifetime warranty on disk and wipers. Intermittent duty motor.