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HydroBlend™ offers a variety of accessories to help with installation.  Please contact HydroBlend directly by calling 208-375-5000 or emailing


HydroBlend™ Rebuild Kits include replacement seals, springs, balls in the pump head, rear end bushing, and outlet fitting parts. We only stock the RK6180-V rebuild kit. See Note below.

Please contact HydroBlend™ directly for replacement parts by calling 208-375-5000 or emailing

HydroBlend Custom Board Systems include key installation accessories all mounted on a poly board.


A water pre-filter is required with all Dosatron Metering Pumps.  There are two filter options -- T-Filters or Y-Filters with Cleanouts.


Industrial Plumbing Kits INCLUDE the water pre-filter along with everything necessary to install the Dosatron or HydroBlend Water-Powered Coolant Metering Pumps.


Check Valves, Flow Restrictors, Mixing Chamber, Pressure Regulators, Water Hammer Arrestors


Extend the life of your pump with a Dosatron Rebuild Kit.

Dilution Solutions pre-plumbed panel systems or locking cabinets include all the necessary accessories. Delivered installation ready!


Check valves, water limiter, Lockout, and swivel fittings for Machinist's Mixers.