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Quality new style refractometers, not the old style. Steel and glass head and prism. These are the INDUSTRIAL Series which feature rugged, drop-tested daylight plates, magnified scales for precise readings, and all-metal construction, which make these handheld refractometers an exceptional value! These analog refractometers are backed and inspected by Laxco, formerly Westover Scientific and Advanced Microscopy Group (AMG).

NOTE: Analog refractometers can be easily calibrated using tap water. However, they cannot be ordered with calibration certification papers. If you need NIST Traceable Calibration Certification, then you must order a Misco digital refractometer.


The RHB Series provide a direct reading of the Brix scale. The Brix scale was developed for working with sugar related liquids (fruit juices, soft drinks, wine).

NOTE:  We are discontinuing our analog refractometers.  The only two models we have left are for working with sugars or honey.  SALE price is 50% off...