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ClearWater Tech’s family of UV ozone systems are the finest grade ultraviolet ozone generators on the market. The UV units use food grade stainless steel for the ozone reaction chambers and ultra efficient electronic ballasts to power the lamps. By centering the lamp in the middle and using polished stainless steel, the UV units make optimum ozone while staying trouble free for many years.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer commercially available, up to 1.5 times stronger and many times faster acting than chlorine, and is unmatched as a disinfectant. Unlike traditional antiseptics, ozone is produced on-site with equipment that can easily be sized to meet any requirement. Ozone-enriched water (OEW) not only sanitizes surfaces on contact but is completely safe. Ozone also leaves no harmful residue in water to harm the environment.

Designed with stainless steel construction, ClearWater Tech UV ozone generators are built to last. Superior sanitation and easy to install, the UV systems are a perfect combination of versatility, economy and solid-state reliability.

Typical Applications: Residential spas, commercial spas, residential pools, ponds, aquariums, residential well water, odor control, reverse osmosis tanks, machine tool coolant tanks, detergent and washer tanks, and any water-based fluid where bacteria, fungus, mold, or clarity are a concern.




Residential swimming pools

Residential spas

Ornamental water features

Odor and mold control

Low power consumption

Stainless steel construction

Capable of pressurization

Bullet proof construction

UL approved

Made in USA

Clearer, cleaner water

Complete disinfection

Superior oxidizaton

No residue or chemical by-products

No measuring, monitoring, or handling of chemicals

Produced on site



ClearWater Tech UV ozone generator most commonly used for larger residential spas and tanks.


Great unit for Coolant Sumps! Kills offensive odors quickly and can be rotated between multiple machines. For coolant tanks 200 gallons or less.


The ClearWater Tech UV-2800 ozone generator is designed for larger commercial spas, small residential pools, R/O holding tanks, and residential holding tanks.