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Replacement lamps for the ClearWater Tech AirWaves™


The ClearWater Tech Pro Series combines a drive pump, 24-hour timer, and a Mazzei 784 injector to give you a compact and reliable water recirculation system.


Air compressors are used with a diffuser or an injector to inject ozone into liquid. ClearWater Tech designs a variety of these control and delivery accessories to establish the highest performance and adaptability for every ozone system.

The ClearWater Tech AEROUSnx™ oxygen concentrator delivers up to 95% dry oxygen on demand at 15 SCFH. It is designed and engineered to provide a safe, reliable oxygen source to deliver efficient ozone production in the harshest of environments.


Recommended ClearWater Tech Mini Series Accessories include the Mazzei injector manifold, check valve assembly, vacuum break, and SCFH Vacuum Gauge Assembly with vacuum switch.