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The Skimpy Standard is our most popular belt skimmer, along with the Skimpy El Nino. Abanaki is one of the world’s leading oil skimmer manufacturers, and we are excited to offer their line of coolant maintenance products, starting with the Mighty Mini SST belt oil skimmer. The Cedarberg EZ-Skim’s unique design works in both deep and shallow tanks. Wayne MSB-B skimmers with all stainless steel metal parts are ideal for parts washers, hot and/or caustic applications. Wayne SSP2 and SSV5 belt oil skimmers are corrosion-proof and suited for more heavy-duty applications. Zebra Skimmers offers standard size oil skimmers up to 24″ reach in both poly and stainless steel belt models.

An important note about REACH.  With belt skimmers reach is normally the measurement from the BASE of the skimmer and down into the tank.  So, for example, an 8″ reach belt will actually be approximately 27″ overall length.  OAL is the circumference of the belt or the measurement if you cut the belt and laid it out flat to measure it.


Our most popular belt oil skimmer! Four belt length reaches are available with the standard 1.18" wide poly/kevlar belt.


Lower priced with many of the same features as standard model.


The newest Skimpy model Max 2 with a 2" wide belt is designed for faster oil removal.


The stainless steel Mighty Mini is a compact belt skimmer designed for parts washers and machine tool coolant sumps. With its large discharge trough and small operating space, the Mighty Mini fits almost anywhere.


Abanaki EconoMini™ Belt Oil Skimmer is ultra-compact and designed for use in coolant sumps. The skimmer can fit in tight spaces where other skimmers can't.


Unique design allows convenient use in almost any location. Pivoting belt arm not only works in deep tanks but makes this skimmer ideal for shallow tanks and hard to reach areas.


The Keller Black Magic Oil Skimmer Package can be used wherever a conventional skimmer would be used, and it makes all of the standard skimmer problems disappear!


Wayne Mini-Skimmer™ Belt Oil skimmer Series MSB-A with Cog Poly Belt and Accessories (timer, GFI, and extension hose) in four popular reach lengths


Wayne Mini-Skimmer™ Belt Oil Skimmer Series MSB-B with Stainless Steel Belt in four popular lengths -- ideal for parts washers and/or applications involving caustic/acidic pH and high temperature


Wayne MAXI-Skimmer™ Belt Oil Skimmer Series SSP/2-B Wide Belt for coolants and miscellaneous wastewater applications are corrosion-proof!

Wayne MAXI-Skimmer™ Belt Oil Skimmer Series SSV/5 Wide Belt is the only adjustable Collection Rate Belt Oil Skimmer!


Four standard sizes (8", 12", 18" and 24" reach). Poly or stainless steel belts in either 1-inch or 2-inch wide belts. Optional 220V/50Hz motor also available.


Zebra long reach belt oil skimmers (3 ft. - 8 ft.). Poly or stainless steel belt models.