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Put your skimmer on a Tork Timer to save wear and tear on the motor and save coolant.  The Tork heavy duty mechanical timer allows multiple ON and OFF settings for each 24-hour period and comes with a protective cover.


Abanaki Mighty Disk™ Replacement Wipers REPLACEMENT WIPER BLADES Part No. Description Price AB-PMD-09A Set of 2 wiper blades for 12″ Mighty Disk $20.00 AB-PMD-09B Set of 2 wiper blades for 18″ Mighty Disk $23.00


Abanaki Replacement Skimmer Belts, 1" or 2" wide, available in reach lengths of 6", 12", 18", and 24"


Abanaki Oil Boss® Replacement Parts


The Abanaki Oil Concentrator performs as a virtually complete oil water separator for recycling or disposal of either liquid. This Oil Water Separator is non-electrical and contains no moving parts -- it simply receives liquid directly from the skimmer.


Abanaki TubeTastic™ Replacement Tubes in four standard lengths


Replacement belts and/or wiper blades for the Cedarberg Model 10 EZ Skim


Keller Black Magic Replacement Belts, oil attracting, available in four standard lengths.


Keller Skimallessor Tank and Magnetic Bracket


Cling-on frame with magnets for mounting TKO Separators or ECO-5.5 Coalescer to side of machine tool


Keller In-Line Bag Filters remove chips and fines from cutting oil or coolant to as fine as one micron. Price includes tripod mounting stand, pressure gauge, and 5 filter bags.


Additional inlet devices for the Keller TKO and ECO Tramp Oil Skimmers/Coalescers


Keller replacement filters for TKO and portable separators, BA-075 in-line bag filter, and PFA-1002 filtration system


Tri-Ball Floating Skimmer Attachment with all steel construction  


The Skimpy Oil Traffic Controller saves coolant and work. The Universal Clamp works great for mounting both the skimmer and the oil traffic controller.


The standard belt material for the belts is polyurethane. The poly/kevlar belts are durable and will work well in 99% of machine tool installations. NOTE: Please see specifications tab for how to measure reach length.


The Skimpy Haas Clamp is for older, larger Haas tanks with an oval hole in the center of the tank.  Use with the 9" reach skimmer.


VariAxe Skimmer Accessories including the VariClean Pail, Pivot Extension, Sump Basket, Drain Spigot Option, and Bag Filters


Wayne Mini-Skimmer™ and MAXI-Skimmer™ Accessories include gravity oil/water separators, adjustable stand, outlet hose extension, timer, and ground fault interrupter.


Wayne Products has Mini-Skimmer™ spare belts stocked at all times!


Accessories for the Zebra belt skimmers, disk skimmers, and Sidewinder™Tube Skimmers


Zebra Skimmers Replacement Belts include flat polyurethane belts for coolant applications and  flat stainless steel belts.  Rubber/nylon belts for harsh environments and the cogged polyurethane belts are available at


Replacement wiper blade sets for Zebra belt skimmers


Zebra Sidewinder™ Tube Oil Skimmer replacement tubes and cartridges.


Zebra offers a wide range of intake attachments meeting the needs of any sump.  They have something to meet your needs, whether you're dealing with limited access, large flux, or heavy chip loads.


Injecting oxygen into coolant using the Zebra XBUB Oxygenator™ aerator maximizes the coolant's performance by killing anaerobic bacteria and encouraging the good aerobic bacteria.