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Coolants are best operated in a pH range of 8-10, and you can verify the range of your blend by checking its product data sheet. Under normal circumstances, the pH of your solution will not increase, yet it can fall dramatically when it is not properly maintained. Even a drop of 1 pH is detrimental because it indicates an abundance of bacteria.

Given the fact that coolants operate in a tight pH range, you will need to measure between each point. We recommend something with at least an accuracy of ±.2 pH so you will be able to correct the imbalance before it’s too late. The digital testers offers greater accuracy and a wider pH range, but require calibration using a calibration solution.


The Atago DPH-2 is perfect for many different applications including food and beverage production control, brewing and fermentation, soil and hydroponics, cutting oils, alkali washing liquids, and other soluble solutions.  Great Features at a Great Price.


A new pocket pH meter in a unique droplet style. Operation is simple, requiring only a small amount of sample. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as food and beverage, soil, water-soluble cutting oil, alkaline cleaning liquid, and more! Includes the JORDAN Silicone Cover and sample sizes of pH4.01, pH6.86, and pH9.18 calibration solutions.