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ClearWater Tech Microzone Series uses corona discharge (CD) technology to provide superior ozone performance in a compact size. A plug-and-play product line that delivers tremendous value with minimal complexity and cost.  The Microzone series family of ozone generators are easy to install and maintain. They are wall-mounted, require no air preparation, and are designed to operate in a wide range of environments.


The Microzone ozone generators may be used to inject or diffuse ozone into water.  The injection method requires a venturi injector to draw the ozone from the ozone generator and into the water line.  ClearWater Tech has developed the PRO Series System with magnetic drive pump, programmable timer, and venturi to provide a suitable suction port for the injection method.  For typical spa applications the spa manufacturer has provided an “ozone ready” suction port, which eliminates the need for additional equipment.

The diffusion method requires a pressurized air source, which feeds air through the ozone generator and out to an atmospheric body of water.  A diffuser stone provided with the Microzone ozone generator is used for increased mixing of ozone in solution.  For this application ClearWater Tech has developed the OAS7 compressor, with programmable timer to provide the pressure required.




Machine coolant

Residential spas

Ornamental water features

Small aquariums

Fresh water holding tanks

Well water treatment


0-100 ozone output

Main power indicator

No air preparation required

Low power consumption

Optional on board interlock relay



Better sanitation – Complete disinfection on contact

Eliminates odors – Powerful, but safe, oxidation

Saves money – Reduces or eliminates chemical use

Saves time – Disinfectant produced on-site (no storage, mixing, or handling of chemicals)

Protects the environment – Ozone reduces waste water pollutants



The Microzone 100 is a compact, corona discharge ozone generator with fully adjustable output, low energy requirements (12 volt), and compact size.  It is ideal for smaller water treatment applications, such as residential spas and ornamental water features.


The Microzone 300P is a corona discharge ozone generator with a built-in air compressor and timer. Designed to deliver ozone under low pressure. Perfect for smaller water treatment applications, such as residential spas, ornamental water features, small aquariums, water vending machines, water store recirculation systems, and even RV holding tanks!


Easy to install and maintain, the Microzone CD325 provides superior ozone disinfection in a compact size. Requiring no air prep, it is ideal for residential spas, ornamental water features, small aquariums, fresh water holding tanks, well water treatment, and machine coolant applications.


The Microzone CD550 provides superior disinfection at an ozone output of 0.55 grams per hour. Easy to maintain and install, the CD550 packs a punch in a compact size.


The PRO-400 ozone circulation system is designed as a compact solution for small ozone applications.